• The Prius c has been sold in its current form since 2012 without much change, and it still gets 46 mpg combined. 
  • It's the cheapest model in the Prius lineup and the most conservatively styled.
  • The new Corolla Hybrid will be its replacement with better style, improved driving dynamics, and a more efficient 52 mpg combined.
prius c orange parked
The c is small, efficient, and affordable. Bright paint colors are a nice touch.

Toyota is changing things up more than ever before. They've redone the Camry, Avalon, Corolla, and most recently, the very popular RAV4 crossover and the upcoming 2020 Tacoma pickup. And now, after killing the Yaris hatcbhack, the Toyota Prius c is being canceled altogether as a member of the Prius family. It was the most affordable (and most unnoticed) version of the popular Prius lineup that includes the Prius gas-electric hybrid and the Prius Prime plug-in hybrid. 

prius c interior
The c's interior was basic and functional. Another way of saying 'cheap'. 

We actually didn't totally hate the c when we drove it. Though it's about as unexciting as a hatchback can be, it's very practical and easy to use. For those who had no desire to drive fast or execute apex-nailing turns, it was fine. It's an efficient, Point A to Point B compact car that's reliable and even a little cute. We like it solely because it's more conservative and better styled than the odd Prius that tries a bit too hard to look special.

It looks like there's not many of the Prius c models left. Only about 700 are left in stock, and we're guessing after this news breaks, they'll move pretty fast for those who need an extra car that's reliable and has a low operating cost. 

prius c green rear 34

There's no real replacement, but Toyota will shift buyers to the upcoming Corolla Hybrid sedan that's actually a very different car. Rather than being designed as a hybrid first, it has always been a gas-only sedan. For the 2019 model year, it's a hatchback, as well.

The 2020 Corolla Hybrid will start selling soon, and it will get better fuel economy than the Prius c (52 combined, compared to 46 combined). The Corolla Hybrid will be more efficient, roomier, better-looking, and also more powerful, which isn't tall order since the c had a meager 99 horsepower. 

corolla hybrid
The new Corolla Hybrid sedan looks like a conventional Corolla. 

The 2020 Corolla Hybrid's pricing isn't public information yet, but it's likely to cost a little bit more than the c, which was $21,530. Toyota has been trying to earn more Prius sales by toning down the radical styling, and that's evident in the refreshed Prius that looks a bit more like the Prius Prime. The conventional styling of the Corolla Hybrid may be the reason why Toyota is shifting Prius c customers in that direction. It's a smart move for Toyota. Now, they just have to get their act together and redesign the rest of their vehicles that are getting a bit long-in-the-tooth.

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