The chances you've heard the Ginetta name are pretty slim. The British carmaker has built some truly special road and race cars since 1958. Now, there are details about their latest road legal supercar. By all accounts, it should be insanely fast and definitely trackable. The question is, why is it so freakin' ugly? Please tell us it's form following function because we can't think of another possible excuse. Yet no amount of justification can explain why it has to look awful from pretty much every angle. *shudder*

ginetta rear 34
That's a purposeful rear wing, but what's with all the gaping and disjointed styling elements?

Word is that the Ginetta supercar (no official name, as far as we know) will be powered by a front-mounted 600 horsepower 6.0-liter V8. The engine is designed and built by Ginetta, a huge achievement. The car has real-life functioning tech like a rear camera, parking sensors, automatic headlights, GPS navigation, and a comfortable interior. It even has a real trunk that will actually fit two golf bags. It seems the car will be everyday driveable, but you (and bystanders) still have to look at it. 

ginetta front

We're sure the styling has more to do with trackable performance than with actual looks. The car likely generates tremendous levels of downforce due to the big front splitter and F1-style aerodynamics. The brakes look they have functional vents at all four corners, and based on Ginetta's history, the car will be a true performer. But when automakers like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Pagani can make beautiful supercars that perform in spectacular fashion, why does Ginetta feel they have to make it look this bad? 

ginetta seats

Ginetta has made purpose built cars for track and street, but they've all looked pretty nice, in our opinion. The G55 GT4 race car is a great example. Clean lines with the right balance of aggression made it great to look at. There are other models, too. For goodness' sake, couldn't they just build a more aggressive version of the handsome G40R road car (below)? C'mon, now that thing looks good. 

ginetta g40r
A British Mazda Miata hardtop but with exotic looks, the G40R has been built since 2010.

Watch the new Ginetta supercar in the video below (along with some of Ginetta's other cars). It sounds mean, and it's blisteringly quick, but oh hell that face.