If you have a soft spot for movie cars, then this might be one of the weirdest ones to get your attention. It's a replica of the Wagon Queen Family Truckster from the "classic" 1983 movie National Lampoon's Family Vacation in all its green and faux wood-paneled glory. Barrett-Jackson Auctions will have it up for sale at the Palm Beach auction in early April, and it's something to behold. Geez, this thing is uglier than we remember.

family  truckster rear 34

The car is so iconic, it almost overshadows the rest of the movie, including the actors. It was built as a deliberate parody of the family station wagon, and it was taken to the extreme with super-awkwardly shaped faux wood panels, eight headlights, a Wagon Queen emblem that would make the Burger King blush, utterly pointless body trim, and the kind of aerodynamics worthy of a brick wall. 

family truckster movie
Eugene Levy, Chevy Chase, and Anthony Michael Hall stand in awe. (image: Warner Bros.)

In the movie, the car is purchased at Lou Glutz motors from a rather slimy Eugene Levy, and then the Griswold family loads up the metallic pea painted wagon to embark on its maiden voyage from Chicago all the way west to Wally World in California. Mayhem ensues. Apparently, five of these monsters were made for the movie, but this one is a replica that's very close to the movie cars. 

family truckster profiel

Under the hood of this "beauty" is a big 5.0-liter V8 engine that, combined with the terrible drag coefficient and totally useless added weight from the garish decorations, likely results in worse gas mileage than the original Ford Country Squire on which it's based. 

ford country squire
The Truckster was based on the Ford Country Squire. Clearly a case of bad made worse. 

Take one look at the Ford Country Squire (the movie car was a 1979, the replica is built on a 1981 model), and you can see the resemblance, though the hood-mounted gas cap, the extra headlights, body cladding, and the garish new grille were all created for the movie. Oh, and don't forget the crown wheel ornaments. Those are 100% movie prop.

family truckster toy
When you're a toy sold on Amazon, you know you've made it. 

We doubt much will be made from this sale since an original one from the movie failed to sell when it went up, but it warrants attention. We can't imagine the car will be driven by the buyer (if there is one), and it's our guess that it'll be part of someone's rather peculiar collection. But if you're a fan of movies, cars, and some really soft tan velour seats, then your ship has come in. 

family truckster profile

family truckster hood

family truckster badging

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