• GM/Buick recently canceled the Buick LaCrosse full-sized luxury sedan for the states. 2019 is the car's last model year here, and actual production of the LaCrosse ended on March 1, 2019.
  • The brand happens to be very successful in China but is struggling here. Buick will focus on more profitable and better-selling crossovers and plans to introduce five new crossover models by 2020.
china lacrosse blue front 34
This Buick ad for China shows a refreshed look that's much better than the 2019 model.

You can stop crying your eyes out over the end of the Buick LaCrosse here in the states. That ship has officially sailed and won't return anytime soon. Big sedans don't do well here. Sure, you can still buy one and will likely be able to do so for a while since dealers have surplus cars on their lots. But the LaCrosse as we know it won't be built for us anymore. It wasn't the best home-grown full-sized luxury sedan, but it was pretty good and still managed to symbolize the large American sedan but with a more contemporary design. 

Now, Buick is sticking it to us again by showing us the refreshed LaCrosse that's for the Chinese market. While it's essentially the same car as the 2019 model that's still on the U.S. website, the body styling has been tweaked to the point where it looks fantastic. Changes to the front and rear fascias give it more presence and panache. 

china lacrosse blue

The winged grille is now wider and sports a chrome frame that extends below the revised headlights that are slimmer with new LED elements. The lower fascia has also been changed to include a slim intake and new trim. The taillights have also been revised and now protrude slightly from the body and get bisected by a long chrome bar that extends the full width of the tail section. The change is dramatic, and the car looks more upmarket and refined. In a nutshell, it looks way better than the one we have. How badly does that suck? 

china blue lacrosse rear 34

The top trim LaCrosse Avenir comes with an exclusive exterior paint color, fancy 19-inch alloy wheels, specially trimmed leather seats, Avenir logos on the front doors, and a tailor-made maintenance program that provides concierge-level services to the owner. The cost in China will be about ~$37,500 base MSRP and the Avenir will start at ~$43,145. 

2005-2009 buick lacrosse front 34
The very first Buick LaCrosse from 2005-2009 still looks pretty damned good.

If you're wondering why Buick is selling the LaCrosse in China and not here in America, it's because the big sedan does remarkably well there. 1.2 million units have gone to China since its launch there in 2006, whereas the brand can barely sell any here. GM closed the Detroit-Hamtramck plant where the North American LaCrosse is made.

China has bought 9 million Buick cars since 1998, a shocking number that easily eclipses the number sold here. Buick hopes to regain its footing with their upcoming onslaught of crossovers. Let's hope at least one of them looks as good as this new LaCrosse.

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