While some kids are spending all their free time partaking in dangerous challenges on social media, one 13-year-old put social media and his impressive work ethic to much better use. William Rabillo of Nevada shocked his mom when he was able to buy her a car he found through a Facebook post. After the family had been going without a vehicle for some time and seeing how much his mom was struggling because of it, the young man sprung into action

William's mom, Krystal June Preston, posted the story on her Facebook page, obviously beaming with pride in her son's willingness to step up and help her during a tough time. Apparently, he had already been coming to the rescue for the family by becoming a “lawn mowing, yard cleaning, money-making machine” but he was keeping his biggest contribution a secret. 

"I am speechless my 13-year-old son bought me a car. He did some work for this women and that was his payment that he worked out with her. 
Posted by Krystal June Preston on  March 23rd, 2019

Having noticed a 1999 Chevrolet Metro for sale posted on Facebook, William decided its price tag was low enough that he could do some work and trade in his Xbox in exchange for the vehicle. While we don't know exactly what the seller had requested for the Chevy, KBB.com lists comparable Chevrolet Metro sedans between $700 and $3,000. That's a lot of money for a little kid.

William asked the Chevy's seller if he could do some work around her house and trade his gaming system for the vehicle. His offer was initially denied, but the seller eventually had a change of heart and agreed. Without telling his mom about his master plan, William would disappear to go do yard work and other odd jobs around the house for the seller and eventually earned enough to take the Chevy Metro home for his mom.

kids playing xbox
You have to know how much kids get hooked on video games to understand William's big sacrifice. (image: Huffington Post)

When he told Preston he bought her a car and the seller was outside, she was in shock, thinking it was a joke. "William came home and said, "Mom I bought you a car". I, of course, laughed and told him, 'Ya right!'" 

When they stepped outside, Preston was stunned to find William wasn't joking. The seller was waiting for them, ready to give a ride over to her house to pick up the Chevy Metro and complete the paperwork. 

chevy metro
The Chevy Metro when it was new. The Metro was a small, efficient, and sensible sedan. (image: Autobytel)

"I am so proud of my son. He is such a good kid. He may have his days but OMG what 13-year-old kid do you know that buys his mom a car... William, I love you son and thank you. You have such a big heart and I love you ..."

Not only did William buy his mom the best possible gift (in our opinion) but he also showed incredible selflessness and work ethic that is rarely seen even in adults. Our faith in the next generation has been restored. Someone buy this kid a new Xbox!