Do you worry about your Amazon packages getting stolen or caught in the rain on your front porch? We have some good news for those of you who drive a newer Ford or Lincoln vehicle. You can now put those fears to rest once and for all. This week, Ford announced a new partnership with Amazon that gives FordPass and Lincoln Connect users the power to get their new shoes or Roomba vacuums delivered straight to their vehicles. What kind of voodoo magic is this? Let us explain. 

The new in-car delivery technology called "Key by Amazon" is available to Ford and Lincoln drivers who use the FordPass and Lincoln Connect apps. Drivers of Ford vehicle models 2017 and later as well as Lincoln models 2018 and later will be able to download the mobile apps and get shipments delivered to their vehicles. 

Until now, FordPass and Lincoln Connect allowed drivers to lock, unlock, start and stop their vehicles. Plus, they were able to monitor their car's maintenance history and make payments all in one place. Now, Ford is offering even more value for drivers who have the app installed - the convenience and security of having their deliveries dropped off inside their vehicles. 

We see the partnership as an opportunity to give our customers more options so they can choose the delivery method that best suits their needs, even as those needs change.
Lorin Kennedy, FordPass Ecosystem Business Leader

Amazon Key

To take advantage of the service, Ford and Lincoln drivers will need to download the app, create an account and link up their vehicle for in-car delivery. The app is connected to the user's Amazon Prime account to make receiving deliveries more convenient. When completing the purchase, the user will simply choose their Ford or Lincoln vehicle as the delivery location of choice. 

In the "old days" we'd get an email that a package was delivered to our house and we'd have to wait until the end of the day to go try on our new pants or play with the drone we waited so long to buy. With this new service, the FordPass app will notify us when our items had been dropped off inside our vehicles and we can simply go to the parking lot to retrieve them. Lunch break drone adventure, anyone? 

Woman recieving package
The days of anxiously waiting until you get home from work to get your package are over. 

We asked Lorin Kennedy, FordPass Ecosystem Business Leader what the added value of Key by Amazon will be for Ford and Lincoln owners. Kennedy describes the Amazon partnerships as a new era of goods and services delivery for Ford owners. 

"We see the partnership as an opportunity to give our customers more options so they can choose the delivery method that best suits their needs, even as those needs change. And we will continue to look for innovative partner companies so we can expand the convenience services we offer to our customers."

Amazon Key delivery in car
Don't trust your neighbors? Get your package delivered to your SUV instead of your doorstep.

In addition to greater convenience, this service will provide increased security for your packages. When the FordPass user selects in-car delivery, they will receive a notification that the driver is on their way to drop off the package. The driver doesn't get keys or codes to the vehicle. Instead, the car is unlocked via an encrypted authentication process. The Amazon delivery driver places the package inside the car and is required to double check that all doors are locked before leaving. 

According to Kennedy, Key by Amazon is the first service-to-vehicle solution for Ford and Lincoln owners and they will find that it makes their daily lives easier. "We’ve heard from our customers that they are actively looking for ways to simplify their lives, and the Amazon partnership is just one example of the ways we will be delivering for them. " Let the Amazon browsing begin.