Kia wants to go upscale, and it has plans to revamp their lineup, as well as introduce a new small crossover that slots below the Sportage. They just showed off sketches of the upcoming CUV, and it looks more adventurous and edgy than anything in its stable right now, including the new large Telluride.  

kia concept crossover sketch rear
We see a bit of BMW and Mercedes back there, but it's still a fresh look.

If you compare the front end of the crossover concept shown here to the current Sportage, you'll see that it's certainly a more mature and more refined look with less rounded surfaces and a more prominent Tiger Nose grille. The rear of the concept has a new taillight shape that's not present on any current Kia model. The vehicle is actually based on the SP Signature concept shown at the 2018 Auto Expo in India.

The idea is to have a crossover that's "created for the millennial generation" with a "wide range of features and technologies suited to younger buyers," and it will also provide "the space and capabilities of a traditional SUV in a compact package." That's a lot to promise, but Kia has really surprised us lately with the Stinger GT hatchback sports sedan and the luxurious three-row Telluride.

kia sp signature concept
Kia's SP Signature concept as recently displayed at the 2018 Auto Expo in India.

Like most concept cars and sketches of concepts, the production version will most likely not be so aggressive in its angularity and exaggerated width, but we hope to see a lot of the styling cues make it. The good news is that the concept will lead to redesigns of the current Sportage and Sorento, which are getting a bit dated. Though both vehicles are very good, they're starting to look and feel behind the times, especially next to the Telluride and Hyundai's new Palisade.

kia sorento
It's time for the bigger Sorento to get redone, and it should get some of the new concept's styling cues.

Kia aims to beef up their crossover and SUV lineup, as evidenced by the new Telluride that's been making waves in the large SUV segment. It's clear that the brand is serious about expanding and improving quality and refinement, and the new small crossover will be a big part of that. There's no question the crossover market is bursting at the seams with newcomers like the Chevy Blazer, the redesigned Ford Escape, and the new Mazda CX-30. No doubt, there are many more to come over the next several years since Americans can't seem to get enough of them. 

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kia sportage
The somewhat odd-looking Sportage will also get reworked with the edgier design.

There's no official name yet, and the actual debut won't take place until later this year in South Korea and perhaps even in India. Sales to the U.S. market will take place after the global release, and expect that timeframe to be early 2020.  

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