Even though we're huge fans of old school supercars like the Ferrari 288 GTO and F40 with their powerful gas engines and proper manual transmissions, modern Ferraris are just bonkers fast. We thought the F12Berlinetta was amazing when we drove it, and that was several years ago. Now, Ferrari has pulled the wraps off their latest offering, a crazy 986 horsepower PHEV known as the SF90 Stradale. Yes, that's more horses than the exclusive LaFerrari with its 949 horses. The new SF90 is the most powerful street-legal Ferrari ever made, and that's saying something.

ferrari sf90 stradale profile
The SF90 manages to be curvaceous and angry at the same time.  

But the SF90 is different from the LaFerrari because it has a smaller gas engine, has all-wheel drive, and it's a plug-in. packs a smaller gas engine, plug-in charging capabilities, all-wheel drive, and yes, even more horses The gas engine is a turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 compared to the huge 6.3-liter V12 in the LaFerrari. The mill is good for 769 horses and 590 lb-ft of torque, while the electric motors (three of them, two in front and one on the rear) deliver 217 more horses. 0-60 arrives in 2.5 seconds, 125 mph in 6.7 seconds, and the SF90 tops out at 211 mph. Oh, and it's faster around the track than the LaFerrari by a smidge. 

ferrari sf90 stradale profile rear

The SF90 also has a pure EV driving mode with a 16-mile range under normal driving conditions, and it'll hit 84 mph on electric power only. Drive to the track like a calm, responsible driver and then unleash hell at the track. That's the idea. 

Aero is aggressive and ingenious. The front of the chassis sits higher than the center of the car for maximum airflow, and the whole car with its vented goodness generates 860 pounds of downforce at 155 mph, keeping the SF90 planted and fast. Ferrari says the car is the "new benchmark for downforce and efficiency in high-performance road cars." When Ferrari makes statements like that, it's typically not hyperbole. 

ferrari sf90 stradale front
The front end isn't the best-looking Ferrari we've seen, but it is purposeful.

We wouldn't call the SF90 light, but it's also got a lot of tech underneath, unlike the Ferraris of old (the F40 didn't even have anti-lock brakes, for goodness' sake). The SF90 Stradale weights in at 3,461 pounds, a tad lighter than the LaFerrari at 3,494 pounds. But also consider the fact that the new chassis boasts 20 percent greater stiffness and 40 percent more torsional rigidity (think twist) without adding any weight. Count on Ferrari to push the envelope of what's possible in a performance car. 

ferrari sf90 stradale
The rear fascia is angry with its big twin pipes, center spoiler, and massive diffusers. The quad taillights are back (like the Superfast's) only they're no longer round. We're not big fans.

Ferrari interiors aren't what we'd call gorgeous (instead, take a look at anything from Pagani), but they have changed over the years to be more streamlined. The new styling in the SF90 centers around the big 16" HD screen with all the gauges and relevant driving information. The F1-style steering wheel still has the little red Manettino dial for eDrive, Hybrid, Performance, and Qualify drive mode selection and big cutouts for your fingers. eDrive and Hybrid modes use the electric motors and battery, while the latter employ gas and electric together for optimal high-speed and track driving.

ferrari sf90 stradale interior
The only thing missing in this race-oriented cabin is a stick shift. Yes, we're old school.

There's no doubt this new hybrid supercar from the Prancing Horse brand will be insane to drive on and off the track. While we're unlikely to get seat time in it, we can certainly admire it for what it is. Ferrari manages to one-up themselves each and every time, and it's embracing the future of electrification while still maintaining their artful and exotic reputation. No pricing has been announced, but the SF90 Stradale is expected to go on sale sometime this year in what will surely be limited numbers.