The world may not need another tiny crossover, but it's gonna get one, anyway. At least it'll be handsome, instead of the Chevy Trax. Oddly, it's coming from the same automaker but this time with more presence and a look that doesn't make it come across like a giant roller skate. The 2021 Trailblazer revives a retired nameplate from 2009, and it adopts the same look as the Blazer introduced earlier this year. 

2019 blazer
The Blazer looks great, and it's a good thing the Trailblazer is taking its styling cues from it.

The underpinnings are purported to be very similar to if not identical to the upcoming Buick Encore GX's, a larger version of the Encore that was recently introduced in China. The Trailblazer actually debuted to a Chinese audience last month, and it will definitely come to the states to slot in between the Trax and the Equinox. 

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2020 trailblazer interior
The interior of the Trailblazer also mimics the Blazer's. 

The version of the Trailblazer you see in the lead image is the sportier RS trim that has a black grille, black pillars, upsized wheels, and the black floating roof design, a style that's becoming more prevalent on subcompact crossovers like the upcoming Hyundai Venue and Kia Seltos. 

chevy trailblazer
A shot of the 2006 Trailblazer SS. The new Trailblazer will be much smaller. (image: GM Authority)

"The Trailblazer's great design enables more personalization," stated the Blazer's marketing director, Steve Majoros. "Trailblazer is a continuation of the design language for Chevy's crossover family and extends our momentum into one of the industry's fastest-growing segments."

Well, he got that right. The segment is one of the hottest in the industry, and it's time Chevy added something more stylish than the ho-hum Trax. Details on the Trailblazer's pricing and full specifications will be unveiled a little before its 2020 sale timeframe.

buick encore gx
GM is upping its crossover game with the Encore GX, followed by the Trailblazer. 

It seems Chevy likes to resurrect old names, and that's not a terrible idea since both the Blazer and Trailblazer (especially in SS trim like the photo above) were good vehicles with names that stuck. It's been a number of years since the nameplates were retired, and at least Chevy doesn't have to think of new ones. We'll provide more details on the Trailblazer when the information comes to us. 

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