What's almost as exciting as a pickup truck redesign? How about a new package that makes an existing truck even badder to the bone? Such is the case with the 2020 F-Series Super Duty Tremor offroad package. While it doesn't approach a redesign, much less even a refresh, it does amount to more kit. Here are the important details.

2020 ford superduty tremor

The Ford F-150 Tremor from 2014 was more of a street beast, while the new one focuses on off-road prowess and for a bigger truck. But now instead of just outfitting a single truck model with the special trim, Ford lets you add it to the F-250 and the F-350 without the dualie trim. The idea behind the new package is to imbue the Super-Duties with more off-road capability than they already have. That's a lot of truck to take off-road, boy howdy.

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super duty tremor water

The package provides additional suspension lift of 30 mm in front and 40 mm in back, special Tremor shocks that are tougher than stock and provide a more compliant ride at lower speeds while offering great off-road control. Special progressive-rate springs strike the right balance between heavy towing needs and off-roading. There's also a new rear stabilizer bar.

superduty tremor dirt road

The Tremor package also provides Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac tires shod on 18-inch matte black wheels. The tires and lift give the trucks a big10.8 inches of ground clearance and the ability to ford 33 inches of water, almost three feet. The ground clearance provides the best approach and departure angles of any Super Duty, meaning it can take on rough obstacles and terrain with aplomb. There's also a Dana front limited-slip diff, a locking rear diff, functional skid plates, and a rock-crawl mode to round out the off-road abilities. That's quite a bit of kit that's not just for show, and we applaud Ford for giving the package real teeth instead of just veneers.

super duty tremor towing

While towing is slightly diminished, it won't affect things too much. Ford didn't want to compromise capabilities for the sake of just making it better off-road. The application of the package to certain model trims will be limited, however. You can outfit the Tremor with the 7.3-liter gas V8 or 6.7-liter Power Stroke diesel but not with the 6.2-liter V8. It's also only available on the bigger crew cabs, rather than the double cab versions.

superduty tremor shocks

Don't look at the new Tremor packages as a bigger version of a Raptor-type kit. Raptors are built for high-speed off-road rallying-type applications, while the Tremor is more of a slow rock crawling kit. There's no pricing available yet, but the new package will be available by the end of the year, and we expect Ford will release information well beforehand. 

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