Crime surely doesn't pay, especially when you lose your life in the commission of it. Recently, a man was beaten to death in Philadelphia after carjacking with three kids still in the vehicle. It's another example of a senseless death in senseless crime. We're just glad none of the children involved were injured. 

carjacking philly
Philadelphia police conduct their investigation involving the stolen vehicle.

Reports state that an unidentified 25-year-old woman was traveling with her three children in a grey Hyundai hatchback on July 11th outside a pizza shop on 29th and Dauphin St. in Philadelphia to visit her boyfriend, who was working at the establishment. She left her car running (a big no-no, regardless of the time of day or night) and went inside leaving the 5-year-old, 1-year-old, and 7-month-old children in the car. 

2017 hyundai accent grey
It appears that the car involved was a previous generation Hyundai Accent hatchback.

At that point, a 54-year-old man got in the car and sped off with the children still inside. The boyfriend, a father of two of the children, chased the car on foot and was able to catch up to the vehicle that was stopped in traffic. The 25-year-old boyfriend pulled the carjacker out of the car, and the thief ran off with the boyfriend giving chase. The suspect was caught and then a physical struggle took place with other men from the area joining in to beat the suspect. 

Carjacking is dangerous on both sides of the crime. Be wise. 

Police responded to the scene about an hour after the carjacking occurred, and the suspect was found unconscious. He was taken to Temple University Hospital and pronounced dead. The mother and the boyfriend were later taken into police custody for questioning. 

It just goes to show that carjacking can be highly dangerous for both victim and criminal. In this particular case, we can see how the parents' reaction fearing for the lives of their kids might seem justified, but a man lost his life. If the parents are incarcerated as a result, everyone loses. Carjacking is a terrible crime, especially when kids are involved and death ensues. Be smart out there.