Sometimes it feels like Acura has lost its way. First, it ditched great names like the Legend and the Integra. Then it killed the RSX small sports coupe, put two infotainment screens in its vehicles, and also did the "power plenum" beaked grille. The current MDX, TLX A-Spec, and the new RDX are evidence things are improving. Now, it looks like the brand may just bring back a Type S trimmed model that's just been teased. The Type S remains a mystery, though. No one's quite sure what it will be, but the teasers promise something exciting, and we can only hope it could be the new Acura Legend flagship sedan.

type s red
This obscure profile silhouette shows a long, sleek sedan. 

What you see in the photos of the taillight and the mysterious silhouette is the Acura Type S Concept planned for a debut at Monterey Car Week. Supposedly, the car will be a brand new model in the form of a big four-door coupe (a la Audi A7). The show car could be similar to the beautiful Acura Precision Concept that debuted in Monterey back in 2016 (photo below). If it looks half as good as that, Acura may have a winner on its hands. 

acura precision concept

Though Acura currently has a flagship sedan in the form of the slow-selling RLX, it needs an injection of premium luxury to compete with BMW, Mercedes, and Audi. The RLX is not that car, even after its significant refresh last year. It just doesn't have a memorable name, and the RLX has already languished in mediocrity since it became the RL after Acura ditched the Legend name back in 1996, a terrible move the brand likely regrets. This Type S Concept could change all that. Just don't freakin' call it the RLX Type S. Ick.

rsx type s
The 2003 Acura RSX Type S with the Factory Performance Package. (image: Car & Driver/Jeffrey G. Russell)

As you can see in the lead image, there's a strong taillight signature that may actually incorporate a small spoiler at the top. The two tailpipes and surround indicate symmetry, so likely a quad setup, which has sporting intentions. And then there's that unmistakable "Type S" badge that gets us excited. We haven't been that jazzed about an Acura (okay, maybe the NSX) since the TL Type S back in 2007. 

acura tl type s
The 2007 Acura TL Type-S. One of the best. 286 hp and a manual transmission. Yes.

Acura states the new concept will “set the design direction for the return of Type S variants to the Acura lineup in the years ahead.” The car will be fully unveiled on August 15th at Monterey. We're just as curious as you are to see what it will look like and which current models Acura will give the Type S badge to and whether or not they will slot above A Spec trim, which is our guess. Check out the teaser video of the Type S Concept below. It doesn't show much, but it sure piques our interest.