More bad news from one of our favorite carmakers. On the heels of the announcements about the impending cancellations of the base Golf hatchback, the Golf Sportwagen, and Golf Alltrack, VW just put out a press release yesterday revealing their full model line, and the Golf R isn't in it. VW confirmed to Motor Authority that the all-wheel drive performance hatchback will not return in 2020. We raise our fists at the automotive gods. For shame. The Golf R was one of our favorite cars in recent memory.

golf r blue rear
The Golf R's turbocharged four-cylinder spits out 288 hp to all four wheels.

The powerful little hatchback really doesn't have any equals now that the Focus RS with AWD ended last year. Not even the new Hyundai Veloster N can hold a candle to the Golf R's horsepower and AWD setup. And Mazda isn't making a Mazdaspeed3 anytime soon, either, so the heavy-hitting Golf R stands alone for now. The Golf R tickled our fancy for speed and agility when we drove it. 

vw golf r red

As much as we don't like the decision, it does make sense. The Golf R doesn't sell as well as the GTI (which VW is thankfully keeping in their lineup), and it's based on the regular Golf that's going away. The brand is also focusing on electrification with their I.D. series of vehicles that will start showing up in the next year or two.

VW stated, “timing on the next-gen Golf R has yet to be decided,” which hopefully means we'll actually see it return to us someday. The next-generation Golf hatchbacks will be unveiled for Europe soon, and we'll get the 2021 Golf GTI after that, and it should be even better than the already spectacular version on sale today. 

vw gti
Don't cry too much. We still get the 228-hp Golf GTI and the next-gen one, too.

Until the base Golf is gone after next year, the brand will only sell the Golf Value Edition (the S and SE trims are going away). It will get standard heated leatherette seats, panoramic moonroof, and sporty 16-inch alloy wheels, similar to the current SE trim. But don't think about looking for the Golf R in 2020, and it's a sad thing, indeed, when everyone's buying crossovers that are far less exciting to look at, as well as drive. We await your return, Golf R, but we won't hold our breath.

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