If you know nothing about the iconic Land Rover Defender, at least remember this: It's a British 4x4 that's been used all over the world for generations, and it left our shores over a decade ago. We've missed it ever since. We've been waiting for the camouflage to come off the 2020 Land Rover Defender, and someone recently posted a totally uncloaked version of the car on the set of the next James Bond film, "No Time To Die." See the somewhat blurry photo below:

defender revealed
There's no mistaking it for something else. Look at the name emblazoned on the hood.

What you see is a black Defender 110 (the four-door version) with British plates and a front-mounted winch. What you will also notice is that it looks similar to the DC100 Concept in the lead image, a vehicle that Land Rover said would not be the basis for the 2020 Defender's looks. Oops. Though it still retains its very vertical greenhouse from the last-generation Defender, it takes the curved front end from the DC100. Things get smoothed out quite a bit compared to the very boxy Defender of yore. It's a bit confusing because the version that's been seen testing seems more squared off. See below:

defender testing

The new Defender still has the overall shape of the original with everything rounded off to translate to a more modern look. We're not sure if that's good or not since we can't see the vehicle uncloaked in its entirety. We're sure Defender devotees will criticize it. We're more concerned, however, with the fact that the new Defender will be unibody construction (more car-like) rather than the original's very rugged and capable body-on-frame build. 

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I’m not going to get in trouble for this — because it’s all over #facebook at the moment! Here is what looks like the first uncovered #defender2020 — straight (apparently) from the film set of the new #bond movie! Makes sense! A few things come to mind. Firstly, the winch is excellent. Secondly, the alpine windows are still there! Thirdly, the rear passenger door looks massive — you’ll never open that in a Tesco car park! Fourthly, there seems to be quite a bit of wheel clearance (though it’s unknown if this is standard height, off road height, or on coils!). Fifthly, checker on the bonnet (yes, the bonnet is a funny shape and there is no real wing to speak of). Sixthly, I’m not sure about the mirrors at all. Seventhly.... well, this could clearly go on a bit! #landroverdefender #allnewdefender #landroverdefender #landrover #thebest4x4xfar #landrovertheworldover #landroverworld #bignews #didntmakefrankfurt #someonesheadwillrollforthis #spyshot #spyfilm #jamesbondfilmset #allnewdefender2020 #newdefender #newdefendernews #newlandroverdefender #defender #landroverdefender #landroverdefender110 #defender110 #defender130 #defender90 #allnewdefender90 #allnewdefender110 #newdefender2020 #newdefender90

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The new Defender will thankfully be sold in the states, not something we had expected. That's great news for those who would rather have a less-luxurious Land Rover Defender that's true to the original. But don't expect it to be nearly as Spartan as the original. In order to sell, it's got to have some of the creature comforts buyers expect of the brand.

The new Defender will come in three body styles: the 90 (seats 5-6); the 110 (seats 5-7); and 130 (seats 8). It was also recently revealed that the Defender will come with no fewer than six engine options including a PHEV for the eco/green set. 

2006 land rover defender 90
The Defender was last sold here in 2006. It'll be hard to replace this rugged 4x4 legend.

More details on the new Defender are forthcoming in terms of standard equipment, power output, amenities, approach/breakover/departure angles, locking differentials, and all that good stuff. We can't wait to see it in the flesh and actually drive it, though if we had our druthers, we'd just want the no-nonsense original back.