Lamborghini almost always wows with their rakish supercars, creating even more radical versions of originals for all the world to behold. Even more dramatic than the likes of Ferrari and Aston Martin, the Italian brand is doing it once again for the upcoming 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show. The new car is called the Sián, a hybrid V12 hypercar that's officially the most potent street-legal model Lambo has ever made. 

lamborghini sian front

The Sián's power comes from a naturally-aspirated V12 engine coupled with an electric motor that's situated between the engine and the transmission. The powertrain delivers 785 horsepower via big V12 and the 48-volt mild hybrid system, and the performance is, of course, astounding. 0-62 mph comes in 2.8 seconds, and the car's top speed is 220 mph. We're guessing those figures are on the conservative side. The Sián also benefits in other ways: near-instant torque, low-speed electric power only, and increased efficiency lengthen the list of attractive by-products of the setup. 

lamborghini sian top front

The car might look like an amped up Aventador, but it's so much more. The car points to the future of the brand with new cues like bigger Y-shaped headlights, six hexagonal taillights, and (as if this were possible for Lambo) more angular features. The car looks totally built for speed and ready to take on other lesser hypercars. The pissed off green hue just adds to the car's "WATCH OUT!" attitude. 

lamborghini sia rear

The new cabin gets a futuristic digital and driver-configurable instrument cluster, a big color touchscreen, supple and luxurious Poltrona Frau leather, oodles of rich matte carbon fiber, and even 3D-printed parts. The performance-oriented steering wheel has big cutouts, carbon fiber trim, and lacks any buttons to distract you from the very rapid and pulse-quickening driving experience. 

lamborghini sia profile

Lamborghini plans to build 63 of these bad boys, and wouldn't you know it -- they're all spoken for already. As if you stood a chance. The number is actually significant because Automobili Lamborghini was officially established in 1963 in Sant'Agata Bolognese, Italy (why not make 1,963 of them?). Each unit will be hand-crafted and worthy of the likely insane price tag that will be disclosed soon ($1 million+)

lamborghini sian rear 34

The Sián name seems less dramatic than other choices they've made (Aventador, Huracan) but better than the Urus SUV's. Sián means "lightning" in the Bolognese dialect and points to the future electrification of the brand. The car, itself, actually points to the technology that its cars will embody in the next decade and legitimizes the continued use of their big V12 engines, a hard case to make in the age of efficiency. 

lamborghini sian rear 34