For those of you who find the Lamborghini Urus a bit boring and slow, there's a new crazy SUV out there for you to spend your hard-earned dollars on, and we're pretty sure you've never heard of the brand since we haven't either. The Ramsmobile (no, not an offshoot of RAM Trucks) RM-X2 is a radical hyper SUV from a company in Belarus that promises up to 999 horsepower and crazy amounts of both ground clearance (27.5 inches) and luxury. 

ramsmobile rm-x2 front 34
Perhaps taking photos of it against a black background hides the parts of the RM-X2 that aren't yet finished? 

There are a few engine options, which include a supercharged 6.2-liter LT5 gas engine from the 2019 Corvette ZR1 good for 755 hp, a 6.6-liter Duramax diesel with 550 horses, and a rather vaguely described "EV motor and batteries" with 999 horses. Beyond that, we have no clue what makes up the power in terms of a mated gas engine. V8? V6? It's a mystery. 

ramsmobile rm-x2 doors

Other standard features include two big rearward swinging scissor, massive 40-inch all-terrain tires, and some very unique matte black wheels that don't seem to have lugnuts or a hub, so we're not exactly sure how they get removed when you've blown flats after running over lesser vehicles. The multi-colored LED signature lights up fron and the thin LEDs in the back are pretty sweet, too. 

ramsmobile rmx2 wheel

The powerful 4x4 might seem like a myth, No one's seen one testing (as far as we know), but the brand is promising 2020 production on a maximum of 12 units at a cost of $999,999 to start. Trims include names like Ascetic, Devil, God's Creation, and Ramsider. You can customize them with bulletproof armor, a full carbon fiber body, and even an electronic hookah system (clearly, a necessity). 

ramsmobile RMX2 cabin

We're not sure what's inside other than some really big seats, room for between 4 and 6 occupants, four large touchscreens, and a crap ton of Predator-ship-like red lighting. ON the more bizarre side, there's even an option for a descending single tank track that drops down between the wheels forto get you out of serious trouble, and the RM-X2 can also, apparently, float. Time to get your deposit back for that Urus now.