There might not be a more iconic movie car than the DeLorean DMC-12 (okay, Bond's Aston Martin DB5 one ups it, for sure). Thanks to the Back to the Future movies (and John DeLorean's rather sullied reputation), the DeLorean DMC-12 is a legend. Okay, so without the flux capacitor, it's dog slow, but it remains an icon in cinematic and automotive circles. This special black version recently went up for sale on Bring A Trailer, and it's really quite unique.

delorean black doors up
This is one way to make a legendary car look even better (though not faster). 

Though there were quite a few that were painted from the factory in fiberglass, any versions that were painted after factory production were done on the original stainless steel panels, which is exactly what this version is. That might seem a bit off-putting to collectors, but the mere fact that it's only got 5,900 original miles on it makes it very attractive. 

delorean black doors closed

It's got everything the 1981 stainless version has: the big gullwing doors, and the more powerful V6 engine. It also received a comprehensive restoration including an engine overhaul, a new fuel system, and additional upgrades. The interior looks just about new with its big gray leather seats and leather dash and center console. The manual transmission will make the most of the 130 horses that pale comparison to even a four-cylinder Toyota Corolla.

delorean black doors up

Note the Montana license plate that reads "88 MPH" as an homage to the movie car's required speed to time travel. The rest of the car looks just about perfect thanks to the restoration, and the black paint makes it even more special. It appears the car is now in "pending sale" status, which means whatever the price was, it's been committed to. The owner will have a unique vehicle that's sure to turn heads, no matter how slow it is. 

delorean black profile

delorean black cabin

delorean black seats

delorean black engine