We've been hooked on the idea of fall camping now that the weather has turned cooler. And if we didn't want to rent something like this, we'd opt for the new Peugeot Boxer 4x4 camper and overlander van. Not only is it just the right size (not too big, not too small), it also looks like no other camper van we've seen with its dark paint job and cool graphics, as well as the angry grille and the eight roof-mounted lights. Hell, it's the kind of van that makes you want to go camping even if you typically run when the idea is mentioned.

peugeot boxer 4x4

The Boxer looks properly rugged thanks to a big bumper guard, black-wheels and knobby all-terrain tires, as well as more ground clearance, a big roof rack/ladder, and even its own canoe because you like canoeing, right? Right. Oh, yeah. It's also more than just show since it has all-wheel drive and can tackle more than your average camper that's usually riding on tiny wheels and tires that can barely manage parking lot speed bumps.

peugeot boxer 4x4 ladder

And since you don't want to totally tire yourself out while on vacation, the Boxer 4x4 Concept comes with its own electric Peugeot mountain bike that lets you get pedal assist and increased range so you can scope out the surroundings with ease. The dual suspension bike even matches the lettering on the van. How's that for color coordination? 

peugeot boxer 4x4 bike

Inside, there's a large living space that includes a pop-up dining table and seats, as well as ample room for sleeping.The cabin color-matches the exterior, and there are big fabric seats in front and back, a big infotainment screen, and plenty of room for gear storage that includes overhead binnacles in the front row and cabinets in the back. The big side windows also have shades for privacy. Keep those nosy bears outside.

peugeot boxer 4x4 interior

If the notion of a Peugeot has you wondering if you can get it here, the answer is no. But there might be an option to get a Ram ProMaster outfitted the same way since it's the same vehicle. It's likely a special order since the Ram version only has front-wheel drive. This might be something worth looking into since the Boxer 4x4 Concept offers pretty much everything you need and nothing you don't in order to really enjoy the van life. 

peugetot boxer 4x4 seats

There's no word on what pricing is, but we're guessing it's substantially more than the stock Boxer van. We also don't know if the production version will have options for more amenities like a kitchenette, a bed, or any entertainment options. We hope to find out more about it, as well as a potential Ram ProMaster version somewhere down the line.