The success of the rather niche Chevrolet x AEV Colorado ZR2 Bison for 2019 cannot be overstated. All 2,000 units of the capable off-road pickup truck sold out before the dang things could even be built. Now, it seems Chevy wants to build more of them, and word on the street is that they'll go just as fast, if not faster. 

zr2 bison
The standard Colorado ZR2 is tough, but Bison ratchets things up.

The new truck was so popular that the handful that even made it to the dealership were snatched up in a matter of days, at a price that we're guessing is higher than the already steep $50,000 asking price ($5,750 more than a standard ZR2). But the price had to have been worth it since the Bison comes with a lot more than the standard equipment. AEV has given it serious off-road chops.

zr2 bison forest

The Bison comes with a flow-through grille, Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac off-road tires, and trim-matching black 17" alloy wheels. It also benefits from the base ZR2 truck's rugged equipment such as Multimatic DSSV dampers and electronic-locking differentials to keep you from sliding in bad situations. AEV also offers a water-fording snorkel for the truly adventurous.

zr2 bison bouldering
Now that's some serious wheel articulation. This is why we love the Bison so much.

AEV is committed to improving the already great Bison with boron steel shields, fog lights, and recovery points to help get it out of trouble (which is a probably a rarity given the Bison's talents). Though the new ZR2 Bison will show up at SEMA this year in 35-inch tires, the version for sale will have 31-inchers. You will be able to get the bigger setup as an aftermarket offering with upsized fenders (it would cost the brand too much to offer them as standard equipment), but at least there will be no additional lift required for them to fit. Nice. 

zr2 bison headrest

The 2019 price for a Colorado ZR2 Bison was $48,045 for an extended cab and $49,645 for the more spacious crew cab version. There's no word on whether or not there will be a price increase for the 2020 version, but we're guessing buyers will still clear out the inventory quickly.

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