Though Volkswagen is denying the rumors, word on the street is that the German brand may be considering selling Lamborghini or some other option that would provide it with an influx of cash to find their big push for electrification. 

lamborghini urus blue rear 34
The Urus performance SUV has been a huge hit for Lamborghini.

Just for history's sake, Lamborghini is actually owned by the Volkswagen Group through its subsidiary, Audi. Lambo was essentially rescued after ownership changed hands numerous times, including Chrysler in 1987 and then later VW by way of Audi in 1998. The VW brand currently owns a number of brands, including Skoda (Czechoslovakia), Seat (Spain), Audi (Germany), Porsche (Germany), Lamborghini (Italy), Bentley (UK), Bugatti (France), and motorcycle brand Ducati (Italy).

Bloomberg states VW is having trouble figuring out what to do with the Lamborghini brand. It's not that Lambo is doing poorly (sales are up thanks to the popularity of the new Urus SUV and the Huracan). It may sell Lamborghini or go public with the brand as an IPO. Either way, the move will bring in a new influx of cash needed to support VW's huge electrification efforts. We can see why VW will not confirm (but actually deny) the possibility. According to Bloomberg's unnamed sources, VW has already started the process of folding Lamborghini into a separate legal entity.

terzo millennio
The Terzo Millennio shows us what the next Aventador could look like.

Right now, things are on hold for a Lamborghini Aventador replacement (2024) because VW doesn't want to spend the money to update the Aventador's big V12 engine to comply with Europe's new emission standard. VW wants to make the change to hybrid-powered V8 engines for the new flagship. Times are a-changin', and VW doesn't want Lamborghini to seem antiquated as other exotic carmakers move in that direction, as well.  

herbert diess vw ceo
VW CEO Herber Diess is a master of efficiency. (image: Bloomberg/Chris Ratcliffe)

Chief Executive Officer Herbert Diess, who came on board in 2018 after the huge Dieselgate debacle, wants to push to expand the main VW brands--VW, Audi, and Porsche. The point of this is to keep things in control and to manage the organization without too much influence from the smaller brands. VW, as a whole, is valued at about $89B, but Diess wants it to hit $220B as it transitions to new powertrains like the I.D. line of electric vehicles (below). This is a tall order, and it doesn't happen without making some very important changes internally. Hence, the possibility of changing the position of the Lamborghini brand.

vw electric lineup
VW's I.D. electric lineup is the planned future for the brand.

No decision will be made anytime soon. In fact, as of this morning, in an interview with Reuters, a VW spokesperson totally discounted the rumors of the Lamborghini sale or IPO: "There are no plans for a sale or IPO of Lamborghini. Speculation to this effect is unfounded." That really doesn't mean anything since VW doesn't really have to disclose any such efforts right now. We should know more next year.