Lexus apparently pulled out all the stops for its latest concept car, the LF-30 Electrified, at the Tokyo Motor Show this week. It's a bold, brazen look at the future of the brand, and it makes even the current LC 500 luxury coupe look a little boring, which takes some doing. It showcases technology, design, and forward thinking that could become what Lexus embodies by the year 2025. 

lf30 top

The spindle grille is still there, but this time it's pretty much solid and spans nearly the full width of the LF-30's front end. The huge glass greenhouse and cockpit are dominated by sleek gullwing doors that are hinged toward the back, and they open in dramatic fashion to an enormous and airy cabin. The deeply sculpted doors, high-mounted triangular taillights, and pointed tail section are like nothing we've ever seen. 

lf30 rear

The car is huge and weighs about 5,300 pounds. But the weight will be a non-issue since the car will rocket to 60 mph in 3.8 seconds and get 310 miles of range... supposedly. The four in-wheel motors allow passengers far more space than a conventional gas engine or even a single electric motor to power two or four wheels. It also allowed designers to play with the car's shape, and the result is a vehicle that looks like no other, love it or hate it.

lf30 cabin

Inside, the setup is truly unique. The "Tazuna" inspiration draws from a mutual understanding between horse and rider (whatever that means), something like the reigns of a horse making the rider one with it. Yup. The driver has access to hand gesture controls and augmented reality to minimize physical control operation while focusing on driving. There's also a huge head-up display and steering wheel controls, as well as a big set of wraparound screens that make up the cockpit. Even the front passenger seat has its own big screen. But you don't have to drive since you can use the on-board autonomous technology.

lf30 dash

If that's not futuristic enough for you, there's even a drone known as the Airporter that autonomously transports your luggage from home to the car's trunk. Now that's the kind of autonomy we can get behind. What's more, the big roof is known as SkyGate and can be controlled via voice or hand gestures, and you can display navigation (on the front glass, we're guessing, not the ceiling) or a starry sky, a-la Rolls-Royce. 

What's most important to note is what the LF-30 signifies, the future of Lexus. Lexus has boldly pledged to launch its first EV and its first plug-in hybrid in the early 2020s, but most importantly the brand will provide some form of electrification in all its vehicles by 2025.