If you've driven a 450-horsepower turbocharged V6 Ford Raptor, you know how crazy fast it is for a pickup truck. Well, that's really nothing compared to what you see here.. a 755-horsepower nutjob of a pickup truck that looks ready to dine on lesser vehicles in its way. The Shelby American Super Snake Sport F-150 is taking on this year's SEMA Show with a look that's anything but understated. Big, angry, powerful, and armed with enough power to make your passengers soil themselves, the Super Snake Sport basically punches anything environmental right in the nuts.

shelby super snake track
The Super Snake Sport F-150 is utterly unnecessary, and we want one.

You need to go big or stay home when it comes to the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) Show in Las Vegas, where all manner of modded and customized vehicles show their wares. The Super Snake Sport gets the "Sport" added to its name as well as an extra 5 horses because, you know, more is more.

The huge V8 engine powers all four 22-inch rimmed performance tires, and the Super Snake Sport also gets a big free-flowing (and likely very loud ) Borla exhaust system. In terms of visual intimidation, the big rig gets it all, from a huge mesh grille, ground effects, a new hood with a huge scoop, big rocker panels, and a bed cover that melds with the sweet spoiler. 

ford f150 super snake drifting
Yes, you can drift this monster because a straight line isn't scary enough.

Other performance components include a six-piston front brake system, a modified coilover suspension that lowers the truck for better handling and high-speed stability. Shelby American actually states the that the Super Snake Sport F-150 is “a nightmare for any other truck,” but no performance numbers have been disclosed. We wouldn't be surprised to see it hit 60 in less than five seconds and do the quarter-mile in less than 11. 

shelby super snake f150 rear
It even looks mean from the back end, which is tough to pull off in a truck.

Last year's truck was blue with white stripes, and this year's number gets clad in silver with black stripes... both were homages to the Shelby Mustangs and even the colorways of the now defunct Dodge Viper GTS. There are also angry Super Snake badges on the front and rear, "SUPER SNAKE Sport" decals on the bedsides, and bold "SHELBY" lettering on the rocker panels and bed gate.

super snake badge

We know it's overkill, but we love the thing. You probably shouldn't drive it to your local Michelin Star restaurant, but it will certainly turn heads on the boulevard as you make every other vehicle blow its gaskets out of fear. Shelby will build you one of these monsters, but there's no word on production or cost. We're guessing based on numbers we're seeing on the web that it hovers around $90K. Seems like a fair price to get one of the biggest, baddest vehicles around.

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