It's hard to believe the first Tim Burton Batman movie hit the big screen thirty years ago. We still remember going to the theater in a frenzy on opening night for the groundbreaking film that really kicked off the comic book movie craze that's in full tilt mode these days. LEGO is honoring the 30th anniversary by releasing a 3,306-piece LEGO Batmobile that copies the one from the movie, jet engine and all.
lego batmobile front 34

Now, LEGO makes some seriously incredible car kits, but this one might be the coolest for pure nostalgia's sake. The world had gotten so used to the George Barris Batmobile from the 1966 TV show that when the Burton Batmobile bowed, it blew everyone's collective mind with its huge rear wings, intimidating stance, and a jet turbine that looked ready to suck in anyone who got in its way (try to ignore its phallic aesthetic). 

30th anniv batmobile

This LEGO Batmobile does such a great job at copying the original, it has practically every detail nailed: huge front end with low-mounted driving lights, sliding cockpit, huge air intake vents, and even the upright Bat logos on the wheel's center caps. Perhaps the most impressive feature is the pop-up machine guns. Oh yeah, there are side-mounted grappling hooks for taking those extra hard corners at speed.

lego batmobile rear 34

Check out the rear view of the new LEGO Batmobile. It gets the jet engine thruster just right, as well as the quad exhausts, the rear louvers, and the circular taillights. These are details that make this Batmobile special, and we can't imagine how long it took the designers to get everything to look this good. The whole vehicle measures nearly two feet in length, which means it'll occupy a fair amount of real estate wherever you decide to place it. 

lego batman minifigs
Vicki Vale, Batman, and the Joker. Check out those cool gargoyles, too. 

Now, keep in mind that LEGO has a few versions of the Batmobile out, including two less-detailed versions of the Burton Batmobile, at least one Tumbler from the Chris Nolan films, and a couple from the Joel Schumacher Batman movies, which we think you should avoid (along with the films). There are even Batmobiles from some of the animation series, which are far less recognizable. 

lego batmobile box
We know what we'll spend our time doing this holiday break.

So, this might just be the perfect gift for someone you love (yourself) this holiday season. Like a lot of LEGO kits, this one will probably sell out in a short period of time. The set goes on sale on Black Friday (appropriate for the Dark Knight), Nov. 29. The price?  A cool $249.99, which is about right for a LEGO kit with this much detail. If you purchase before December 5th, the kit comes with a mini-replica, as well, so jump on it as quickly as you can.