Just when you thought the Tesla Cybertruck would be a pipe dream that would never get made anytime soon, if at all, witnesses have spied the hulking behemoth driving around the streets of Los Angeles. That's right. Although Musk said it wouldn't go into production until 2021, and some critics said the vehicle that debuted onstage in L.A. two weeks ago could not possibly be the real deal. Well, just take a look at the video below. 

The video comes from Roberto Cruz, who captured the Cybertruck speeding down the 405, and he grabbed some great footage of the vehicle in its entirety. Surprisingly, nothing appears loose, slapped together, or gimmicky in any way. The angular body, the pointy truck bed, and the big wheels and fenders are all there. And it looks like they repaired the smashed windows from the demonstration (it might not be the same truck, of course).

musk cybertruck nobu
Elon Musk, himself, was spotted driving to Nobu Restaurant in L.A. (image: TMZ)

The Cybertruck is purported to have a range of over 500 miles and can hit 60 mph in under three seconds when outfitted in top tier configuration.. Pricing is almost as surprising as the power: a $39,900 base price for the lowest, single-motor rear-wheel drive trim; a $49,900 dual motor all-wheel drive version; and a $69,900 tri-motor all-wheel drive top-trim model. 

We have to say it looks pretty sweet driving around public roads, and we're pretty surprised to see it testing totally uncloaked this early in the game. Big, bold, brash, and futuristic as all hell, the Cybertruck stands out like a real-life movie prop, and it's even crazier than seeing a Batmobile drive around because this thing will actually get made. We can't wait to see more of this thing in the months to come. Musk might have another winner on his hands. Fortune may really favor the bold.