Lafitte Supercars' G-Tec X-Road isn't exactly a household name (hell, we just heard of it), but it is the rebirth of the now defunct Zarooq Motors and their SandRacer 500GT, a superfast dune dominator that boasted off-road capability and speed with its huge tires and 300 horsepower V6. That company died, but the operations director from Zarooq, Bruno Lafitte, started his own company and gave the SandRacer 500GT new life. It's the car you see here today, the G-Tec X-Road.

lafitte xroad profile
Big wheels, big fenders, and one crazy door design.

The car goes one further than the version from Zarooq thanks to power upgrades. The SandRacer's potent 3.5-liter V6 gets a serious displacement bump with its new 6.2-liter GM LS3 V8 with 405 horsepower and even an optional supercharger that scales the thing to 700 hp. You can opt for either a five-speed sequential manual or a six-speed automatic with paddle shifters. And lest you worry about being able to off-road, we're guessing you can get AWD with the 17-inches of suspension travel.

laffite xroad rear 34

The exterior looks properly aggressive with dramatic styling, huge fenders, a massive rear diffuser, and some of the craziest doors we've ever seen on a car that jut up into the B-pillars. It also gets '80s-style louvres over the rear glass and rear haunches that look like they came off a heavy-duty dually pickup truck. Then there are those big black body bladed rocker panels that actually separate from the body just aft of the wheels. We're not quite sure what they, are but they look pretty menacing.

The interior of the X-Road is almost as crazy as the exterior. A slew of carbon-fiber trim adorns the dash, center console, pillars, and the door lining, as well. There's also a lot of brown leather and one of the fattest steering wheels we've ever seen. From what we can tell, there's also billet aluminum and an interesting pedal setup. 

laffite xroad interior
Even BMW M cars don't have steering wheels this thick. Man hands.

Only 30 X-Roads will be made at a price of $465,000 for the base version ($545,000 for the 700 hp model). The cars will be built in Los Angeles and will be street legal. Needless to say, we probably won't get one to test, but it's a fascinating car that's truly niche and probably righteously fast on and off pavement.