The Bentley Continental GT easily counts as the brand's best-selling vehicle... by far. Although Bentley has struggled with profitability issues, they definitely could not have survived without the luxe grand tourer that's also crazy fast. They just unveiled a special edition that's ready to bomb the slopes and tackle the ice. It's not your everyday Bentley, of course, and it's called the Ice Racer. 

bentley continental gt ice racer front
Check out those special lights behind the grille. 

First of all, the paint job is totally special order. The special graphics mimic the GT that won the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in 2019 (below), a monumental feat that requires power, all-wheel drive, and the ability to manage one seriously tricky course. 

gt pikes
The mad version that took on Pikes Peak last year. 

The body color is different this time with blue and black instead of the original car's yellowish-green tint. It isn't for everyone, but it definitely points to the car's special purpose. The Pikes Peak car didn't get the roof rack shown on the new Ice Racer, and the second version gets special black wheel well trim that wasn't present on the original.

bentley continental gt ice racer front 34
Nifty wheel colors help it match its surroundings front and rear. 

The partnership with Bomber skis transforms a stock GT into something even more winter-ready. Bentley gives the GT special three-chamber air springs, a 48V active anti-roll control system, and iron brakes that help it manage icy conditions. It also gets lifted and a special roof rack to transport, what else, skis. That rack gets its own set of super-bright LED driving lights to help illuminate the snow/ice-covered roads ahead.

bentley continental gt ice racer interior
Special Sparco racing seats and harnesses and a roll cage keep ice racing safe.

Going further, a number of clues points toward an off-road-ish variant of the Continental GT. There’s the more rugged-looking treatment of the lower front fascia, where the fog lights are now encased in black trim that also lines the wheel arches, and Pirelli tire logos are displayed prominently at each front quarter. There’s also a ski rack on the roof, which may also feature front-illuminating LED lamps, and the coupe looks to have been lifted ever so slightly.

gt ice racer rear 34

In terms of power, nothing has changed from the turbocharged W12 engine, but it doesn't need to since that motor delivers 626 horsepower and 664 lb-ft of torque. The car will do 0-60 mph in 3.6 seconds and hit a top speed of 207 but probably not on ice, we're guessing.

bentley continental gt ice racer top front

This car isn't for sale (yet) in its current form, but it will do more than just sit on a display pedestal. Junior World Rally Championship driver Catie Munnings will drive it at the 2020 GP Ice Race in Zell am See in Austria. We can't wait to see some footage of this historic run since Munnings will actually be the first woman to helm a Bentley in a professional race, and it will happen in one very special car.