Hardly anyone is interested in station wagons anymore, although the Volvo V60/V90, Mercedes E-Class Wagon, and the awesome Audi RS6 Avant still exist. Then there's the question of who will build an electric station wagon? How's this one for you? A Model S Shooting Brake (European for 2-door station wagon) hand-built by RemetzCar. It's the only one of its kind, and you can buy it for a cool $200,000. 


So, would you pay what's essentially more than twice the price of the 2013 Tesla Model S P85 on which this station wagon is based? Well, let's take a closer look. Essentially, you have to take the original car and totally redo the back half of the vehicle without messing with the structure. You also have to create a design that doesn't totally desecrate the original design. It has to look like it came off the Tesla factory floor as an original vehicle. That takes some doing. Oh, and then you have to make it unique and luxurious.

sb profile

Although you might not notice upon first glance (since so much of the P85's style elements like the door handles, head and taillights, and wheels were kept), but there's a unique roof spoiler that extends into the D-pillar trim, a beautiful touch that was well-thought-out. The SB looks so well-executed that nothing looks cheap our remotely out of place.

sb interior

More than just the gorgeous deep green paint job, the SB gets an upgraded Type 2 charge port with an integrated light and automatically-closing charge port door, some things the base car never got. There's also 4G data communications for the Connectivity Package and tons of rich tan leather with green piping to match the paint. Other treatments include Alcantara roof and pillar linings, carbon fiber dash panels, new HVAC vents, green lining in the interior, special SB badging throughout.  

sb interior passenger

The customization ended up costing so much that only one of these was built, and there's no doubt someone will pay the exorbitant price and get a car that's truly special. It's essentially a coachbuild the likes of which no one has ever seen before. Sure, the powertrain is still the same as the base car, and there's likely added weight because of the customization, but it's far better looking than the already handsome model S. 

sb interior glove compartment

sb window

sb badge