It seems most vehicle special editions these days involve a lot of black trim. That decision appears to have been made by Toyota in celebration of its pioneering Prius hybrid. The new Prius 2020 Edition gets dressed to "kill" as a 2021 model that will be produced in limited numbers (2,020 to be exact). If you're looking for the new trim to drastically change the car, we recommend not holding your breath.

prius 2020 edition rear 34
Just the kind of Prius you want to take to the drag strip. Nope.

As you can see, there's plenty of black trim pieces and highlights to make the dowdy Prius look slightly perturbed (versus angry). The first thing you notice is the murdered-out 17" alloy wheels that actually look like they were purchased aftermarket or stolen off a customized golf cart. Take a closer look. They're the regular Prius XLE wheels painted black. I'm going to go dye my grey sideburns now.

The 2020 Edition also gets blackened pillars and mirror caps, as well as dark chrome badging, and smoked head and taillight lenses to designate its specialness. To top it all off, there's a “2020” insignia key fob and a rear spoiler more for looks than for actual downforce. Watch out, Batman. 

prius 2020 edition wheel

The interior gets blackened HVAC vents and special mats to show off to your green buddies who will all clamor to get a ride in your sick machine. Also new for the 2021 Prius is Android Auto in all trims but the Limited. Apple CarPlay already showed up for the Prius in 2020. 

prius 2020 edition interior

On the less daring side, the new Prius 2020 Edition gets upgraded to the excellent Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 with all-speed range dynamic radar cruise control, bicyclist detection, road sign assist, and a low-light pedestrian detection pre-collision system along with the already standard lane departure alert, automatic high beams, blind-spot monitor with rear cross-traffic alert, and intelligent clearance sonar with intelligent parking assist. 

Sadly, the new Prius 2020 Edition won't be available in all-wheel drive, a feature that makes the Prius more attractive to buyers (especially when sales have been way down compared to the RAV4 Hybrid). It's based on the XLE FWD only. It doesn't change our minds, either way.

prius 2020 edition badge

Toyota states the new edition will go on sale this September, but no pricing has been released. Just to gauge matters, the 2020 Prius XLE costs $29,330, so we're guessing the fancified version will cost just a bit more. No powertrain changes have been made, and the package is merely aesthetic. Efficiency remains at an astounding 54 mpg in the city, 50 mpg highway and 52 mpg combined.

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