Chalk up another win in the toy department with LEGO's first Lamborghini Technic kit. They chose the Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 to model its latest complex kit after, and the vehicle qualifies as the Italian brand's most powerful street-legal car. The neon green hypercar kit does a marvelous job at capturing the look of the original car, albeit without the ability to actually be driven.

lego lambo sian top view
The neon green hypercar kit even comes with its own luggage.

LEGO has been on a tear lately with the Ducati Panigale V4 R motorcycle, the new Land Rover Defender, and the super-cute vintage Fiat 500. The newest member of the Technic garage, the LEGO Lamborghini Sián isn't some afternoon task. It has a whopping 3,696 pieces, and if you're farsighted, that's gonna be a monumental job since many of them are pretty dang small. That's 97 more pieces than the LEGO Bugatti Chiron's 3,599, so pull up a comfy chair.

lego lambo sian rear

The model itself is 1/8th scale and measures almost two feet long, five inches high, and nine inches wide. You might have to move a few things off your desk to make room for it, but it's worth it. The scissor doors, steering wheel, and eight-speed gearbox actually operate. The detailed naturally-aspirated V12 engine is visible from the back, too. The pistons in the big engine actually move. It even has paddle shifters on the steering column. and they're connected to the engine. And yes, the suspension even works. 

lego lambo sian engine
This version of the Sian's V12 and combined electric power doesn't exactly churn out the Sián's 819 hp.

Open the front trunk, and there's a custom-fitted piece of luggage with its own unique serial number. That number unlocks special LEGO content on the website, just to make you feel even more special. Throw in big fat gold wheels, carbon fiber-like trim, and a plaque commemorating the vehicle. Aerodynamic pieces, door creases, a massive rear wing, and those huge rear haunches are all present, too. 

lego lambo sian

The cost of the original car (of which all 63 examples have been sold) is a cool $3.7 million. The price of the LEGO version? Only $380. It goes on sale June 1st, and we're guessing it'll move pretty fast given the fact that everyone's still stuck at home waiting for COVID-19 to release its jaws.