As much as we would hate to try to drive one of these tiny '50s-era bubble cars in real life (at least on American streets), there's no denying its iconic status. Meant as practical but fun urban transportation, the Isetta drew the attention of the public thanks to its front-hinged door and tiny size. Now, it seems a LEGO master builder has created one to play with. 

isetta front

The car actually did remarkably well. It was meant to utilize a small motorcycle engine and operate well in tight urban environments. Its unique front-hinged door was attached to the steering column and the gauge cluster, making it simple for two occupants to enter and sit on the single bench seat. If you look at the stance from the front, you'll notice the two rear wheels sit on a shorter axle compared to the wider front axle. 

lego isetta profile

The fabric roof was dual-purpose in that it provided ventilation and a means of egress in case of an accident. This LEGO version created by Lego Ideas community’s Jimmi-DK is just about perfect. While it's not as curvaceous as the real car, he did a remarkable job given the limitations of LEGO bricks. He captured the shape, the small bug-eyed, fender-mounted headlights, the curved front door, and even the steering column brilliantly.

lego isetta rear 34

Inspired to build to from his childhood memories of the little car, Jimmi used 851 pieces to form the Isetta and captured the beautiful blue hue, as well as the tan interior. Although the LEGO version isn’t in production, LEGO might just consider it for production if it gets the nod from fans.  

lego isetta open

The little LEGO Bimmer measures in at 8.7 x 5.2 x 5.0 inches, making it just right for your office desk or shelf. If Jimmi-DK hits 10,000 votes, LEGO will review it for production, and it could sit right next to your LEGO Batmobile for contrast.