If you love the current Hyundai Tucson compact crossover (which we absolutely do), then hold onto your hats for the 2022 Tucson to arrive. Based on the teaser images recently released, it looks like the fourth-generation Tucson will be the biggest leap yet for the model. Although there's nothing wrong with the current crossover, the 2022 Tuscon looks particularly distinct based on this headlight and taillight signatures. Just take a look at the front fascia below: 


It's almost verbatim from the awesome Vision T concept introduced at the 2019 L.A. Auto Show (remember pre-COVID-19 auto shows?).  If you compare the photo above (Tucson concept) to the one below (Vision T concept), you can see that the grille, headlights, large front intakes, and the hood creases are virtually identical. The Tucson tease image is a little dark, but you can see the similarities, regardless. Hyundai stated that the next Tucson will have a larger, wider body than the outgoing model, but that's where the details stopped. 

vision t front 34
The Vision T had a lot of creases, and we hope not all of them make it to production.

The integrated headlights form wings around the grille that bears the same large mesh pattern. These are known as Parametric Hidden Lights, a distinct design feature that blends the headlights and grille into a single design when the lights are off. When the lights are on, they frame the outside edges of the grille. The taillights show a long swath of LED lighting across the width of the rear, while two hashmark LED bars show up at each end. It's a bit different from the show car, but we actually like the one in the teaser more. 

vision t rear 34
The HDC-7 Vision T Concept looks almost Lexus-like from the rear 3/4ths view.

There's not much detail about the interior, but Hyundai teased us with a single cabin shot that reveals an open and airy atmosphere that's a complete departure from the current Tucson's conventional look. There's a big infotainment screen that's unified with the center stack controls and even with the center HVAC openings. The instrument binnacle consists of a single digital display screen. Based on the slim center console, it also looks like the next Tucson will get an electronic parking brake, and a push-button transmission. 

tucson interior

In terms of trims, it looks like the Tucson will be available in both long- and short-wheelbase models overseas, while the U.S. will likely only receive the longer wheelbase. No information about powertrain options, fuel economy, safety features, etc. have been disclosed at this point, but more information is likely to be disclosed on September 14th when the Tucson is revealed.  The brand is doing some great things such as the new Sonata, Elantra, and the hot-selling Palisade

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