The long-awaited and much-anticipated 2022 GMC Hummer EV just came out of the shadows in a really big way. It's the closest thing we've seen to a production pickup, perhaps even more so than the Rivian R1S. The new electric Hummer is big, bold, and more stylish than any Hummer before it (a low bar, for sure). While it has no DNA from the H1, H2, or H3 Hummers that came before it, it does pull some important design cues that make it recognizable as a Hummer. 

hummer ev

It also seems to bear some similarities with the new Bronco. While these two aren't really going to go head-to-head, the visual similarities go to show what customers are looking for: modern styling with a clear look of ruggedness. GMC didn't pull any punches with the Hummer EV, and there's a lot to talk about. Let's get a closer look.

Power, Efficiency, and More Power

gmc hummer ev rear 34

It's hard to believe how much power the new Hummer EV packs. Specs on the loaded Edition 1, the first release of the Hummer EV, are staggering. It features an astounding three electric motors (one in front, two in the back) that combine for an insane 1,000 horsepower and over 11,000 lb-ft of torque. There's also torque-vectoring to aid handling. The motors are juiced by a 24-module Ultium battery pack that can provide the Hummer EV with an estimated 350+ miles of range. That's quite a bit for something this big and this powerful. 

hummer ev lights

The new Hummer EV will also support 800-volt fast-charging up to 350 kW. This equates to quick charging times up there with the Porsche Taycan, amping up from 5% to 80% in about 20 minutes or less. GMC states the Hummer EV will also be able to add an extra 100 miles of range in a mere 10 minutes. GMC plans to add a less-expensive two-motor Hummer EV and a three-motor version without the torque-vectoring feature.

No Off-Road Joke

hummer ev offroad
The Hummer EV isn't gunshy about going into the rough stuff.

GMC wants customers to know the Hummer EV isn't just about power and efficiency. They outfitted it with a fully independent suspension with adaptive air shocks with continuous damping, 6-inch ride height adjustment, big 35-inch mud-terrain tires, and the ability to ford 32 inches of water and conquer an 18-inch vertical obstacle. Its water fording ability isn't on par with the Bronco (33.5 inches), the Land Rover Defender (35.4 inches) but beats the Jeep Wrangler (30.5 inches). The Hummer EV can take upsized tires to increase capabilities since the wheel wells can take 37-inchers.

hummer ev rocks

Other off-road bits include functional skid plates, rock rails, four-wheel steering with Crab Mode diagonal driving, and a whopping 18 camera views (including underbody views) for better management of difficult terrain. The cameras even have cleaning sprayers so you don't have to wash them off yourself or go blind when they get muddy. It's like they thought of everything. We're hoping there's an optional WARN winch you can slap on.

A Cabin Fit for a King

gmc hummer ev interior
Hey, the first Hummer with a touchscreen!

The interior of the Hummer EV looks nothing like the ones in the previous generations, which were bulky, low rent, and generally unattractive. Boy, how times have changed. These photos show off a handsome two-tone leather interior, ample space for five, and some very modern styling. The center console is wide (like Hummers of old), but this time, it's not so big and tall that it seems to intrude on space.

hummer ev seats

The landscape-oriented touchscreen measures in at a huge 13.4 inches, and the 12.3-inch instrument display is also amply sized. The Hummer EV also benefits from the latest version of Super Cruise used by the Cadillac brand, including automatic lane-changing. The Edition 1 will provide open-air delights thanks to standard removable roof panels, and they can be optioned as translucent and stow in the voluminous front trunk (frunk). Just don't get all the fancy digs muddy. Controls look premium with textured buttons in neat rows below the infotainment screen. 

hummer controls

Although the interior of the Hummer EV is blocky, the design is clean. Huge vertically rectangular vents, blocky frames for the infotainment and gauge screens, and those squared-off control buttons round out the cabin's look. The bed of the Hummer EV looks ready for duty with a tough bedliner and the aid of GMC's intricate but useful MultiPro tailgate that flips down to provide owners with a step, as well as multiple closed positions depending on need. 

hummer ev tailgate

Hummer EV Edition 1 pre-orders have already been sold out, unsurprisingly. The anticipation for it has been white hot. Those buyers have to wait until the end of next year for production to start. There's no word on delivery dates. Pricing is, as you'd expect, not cheap.

The loaded Edition 1 starts at $112,595. The next level trim Hummer EV arrives in the fall of 2022 at a price of $99,995. In the spring of 2023, a mid-level trim that has three motors, air suspension, and four-wheel steering, but no torque vectoring. arrives at price of $89,995. Finally, there will be the two-motor version (base) that comes without torque-vectoring, air suspension, and four-wheel steering. That one will run for $79,995. If you're looking for something cheap, keep looking.