There's no question that Genesis is doing some great things in terms of styling, quality, price, and luxury when it comes to all of its vehicles. The G80 sedan is stunning, as is the GV80 SUV. The G70 sedan's refresh looks just as good with the new front and rear that brings it in line with the brand's design language. The new GV70 luxury SUV just bowed, and for the most part, it looks pretty good. We're just not quite sold on the back end of it. Take a look below.

gv70 rear 58
The crisp front end leads to an overly complex and bulbous rear end.

The front fascia looks consistent with the bigger GV80. A large shield-shaped grille with fancy mesh is front and center, flanked by those nice split headlights. The rear end, however, gets weird. While the taillights look nice, the rear quarter looks overstyled. It looks like the GV70 mated with a Porsche 928, and the results aren't great. The small rear side window gets a bladed C-pillar, and below it is a dramatic fender bulge that sits just below the beltline and above the body crease. It looks a bit awkward to us. 

gv70 profile red
We laud Genesis for making the GV70 distinct, but we can't take our eyes off the back end.

There's definitely some Porsche visuals going on back there, but it doesn't exactly work for the GV70. we prefer the more squared-off look of the GV80. Although we're not huge fans of all a brand's vehicles looking too similar, this departure isn't our cup of tea. The GV80 has a single body crease that runs the length of the vehicle, but the GV70 has that bulge that makes the back end look too busy. 

gv70 cabin red
Genesis does some excellent interiors. The GV70 is no exception. 

At least the cabin of the GV70 is sweet. There are no awkward surprises here. The dash gets a unique ellipsoid control section that spans about 2/3rds of the width. The excellent knurled gearshift and infotainment controls are present, and there are plenty of high-end materials throughout. It appears that the more luxurious trims get the same ovular steering wheel hub as the GV80, G80, and G90, but the GV70 Sport (above) receives a different steering wheel trim.

gv70 cabin purple
Purple as an interior color choice is interesting. Some folks will be happy. 

Perhaps the most radical aspect of the cabin is the option to clad it in purple. Yep. That's right. Of course, we loved the blue interior of the G80 and the emerald green cabin in the GV80, but purple just seems a bit too much. Thankfully, you can also get the GV70 in beige, black, or red. There are also quilted leather seats, that wide touchscreen that sits atop the dash, and rich appointments throughout. 

We expect the GV70 to arrive at the end of this year or early 2021. We hope it looks better in the flesh than in these photos, and maybe the rear end will grow on us. More details about the powertrain, features, and pricing will become available closer to the vehicle's release.