In order to be a great minivan in a competitive segment, you have to offer something special. The HondaVac in-car vacuum cleaner was easily the most attractive feature of the 2021 Honda Odyssey. Okay, so its interior is pretty versatile. But the convenient HondaVac is gone for 2022. It might seem like random news, but it might just be a big demerit for sales. The reason why it's dead is actually quite interesting.

We thought it was one of the Odyssey's biggest selling points, to be honest.

Honda sourced its HondaVac from Shop-Vac in Pennsylvania. That company closed its doors in the fall due to financial hardships that stemmed from the Coronavirus pandemic. That's obviously sad for the employees and their families. The other fallout is the fact that buyers can no longer get the HondaVac in the 2022 model since Honda hasn't found a replacement for it.

The system stored away brilliantly on the left side wall of the rear cargo section. It had a long-reach hose, tools, and a convenient waste disposal bin. This meant you no longer had to wait until the end of your trip to clean out the huge mess your kids left in the car after a road trip, and you didn't need to schlep a portable vacuum from the garage or drive to a gas station to use their smelly unit. 

The Shop-Vac headquarters in Pennsylvania closed its doors last fall.

To make thing worse, it seems Honda is already bringing the 2022 Odyssey to replace the 2021 soon, so you might wanna head out to see if any 2021s are left to buy and plunk down your money post haste. Sure, the Odyssey is a great minivan with its whopping 145 cubic feet of cargo space, Magic Slide seats, brilliant storage options, and its easy driving manner. But the mere fact that the HondaVac is gone really drops the appeal. 

2021 honda odyssey kids
These are the cleanest kids we've ever seen. Clearly fake.

On the bright side, it sounds like Shop-Vac was recently acquired by GreatSport Tools USA. What that means for Honda is unsure since there hasn't been any news about the HondaVac going back into production by the new firm. One thing we know for sure, the value of the 2021 Odyssey might be higher, as a result, or at least we think it should.

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