Big news today on the EV front, and it's from Toyota (in a joint effort with Subaru). The bZ4X is Toytoa's first all-electric vehicle, and it's significant because it's in the hot crossover segment, while also taking the brand's design language to new levels. One might mistake the bZ4X for a gussied-up RAV4 that's ready for action-film duty. It's Toyota's first EV that uses the brand's new e-TNGA platform that both Toyota and Subaru will utilize. The bZ4X also happens to look pretty sweet inside and out.

bz4x front 34

The front end is actually a bit more simple than the RAV4 with its thin headlights and eyebrow daytime running lights. There is no real grille to speak of, but there is a thin panel between the headlights and a long vent on the lower fascia. It also makes use of black trim on the fenders that wraps around to the outer edges of the front end. 

bz4x profile

The side view is definitely RAV4 inspired, but there's more light play due to the added creases, most notably below the windows and into the back half. The vents in the rear of the vehicle give it an almost Lexus LFA look, bordering on exotic. The shape of the black trim around the wheels is especially unique. 

bz4x rear 58

The taillights have a unified LED strip that unites the outboard units and even wraps around to the rear quarter panels. The front and rear overhangs are short, and the long wheelbase should mean big room inside for five occupants. Going to the interior of the bZ4X, it's as fresh as the exterior with a big center display and a rising center console with physical controls and a unique shift knob.  Even the instrument display is unique with a scoop-like cluster. The steering wheel hub and controls are all-new, and the dash has a textured fabric for that futuristic look.

bz4x dash

It also looks like there's no dearth of storage options thanks to a large retractable binnacle in the center console, a big undertray storage bin, and a capacious armrest and door pockets. While we don't have details on the rest of the interior features, we're sure it will get the full suite of Toyota Safety Sense technology, as well as ample room (see the flat floor in the second row below) in front and back. 

bz4x second row seats

The bZ in the name is actually Toyota's new subbrand of electrified vehicles ("beyond Zero") that will have up to 70 models globally and will include PHEVs, EVs, and fuel cell vehicles. The bZ4X will go on sale globally sometime in 2022, but we're not sure when we'll get it here. It's exciting to see mainstream brands go up against Tesla, and it also means EVs are here to stay for a while.