Our most recent article about the new 2023 Genesis G90 sedan showed exterior photos and also stated we would not get the G90 here in America. It seems that latter update was, thankfully, incorrect. It looks like the stunning sedan will come to our shores, and now we get full photos of the truly opulent interior. It's more evidence that nobody, we mean nobody, is doing interior and exterior design and styling like Genesis.

g90 cabin
From the beautifully stitched seats to the glorious dash, the G90 has it all.

The cabin photos show a truly rich interior that has a very original seat stitching pattern, an expansive dash with unique symmetrical upticks/controls that flank the gauge cluster. Copious amounts of leather, genuine metal and wood, as well as a truly attractive steering wheel adorn the interior of the G90. It looks like no other interior found on any luxury sedan today, and it matches the very luxurious and sporty look of the G90's exterior. 

g90 cabin

The large landscape touchscreen is unified with the digital instrument screen, and it gets brilliantly bisected by that left uptick that stems from the leather dash trim that rides above the HVAC vents. The audio knobs and the climate control touchscreen are original in the Genesis lineup, as is the layout for the infotainment controller and gear selector knob on the very wide center console. It seems that almost every surface gets covered by top-notch materials, not something we can say of the Germans. 

g90 rear seats

The shots you see here are from the long-wheelbase model (the rear doors are longer than the front doors), and that makes it ideal as an executive limousine. Just look at those rear seats, known as "ergo-relaxing" seats. There are air cells that deliver various massage types and intensities. Even the side bolsters in the back inflate automatically when you dial into Sport Mode or travel above 81 mph. They also automatically deflate when you enter or exit the car. The right rear position has an extended recline (both seats recline, though), and you can send the front right seat forward for maximum relaxation. 

The 10.2-inch rear touchscreen in back automatically adjust angles depending on your seating position. There's even an 8-inch tablet in the center armrest that also happens to have UV light sterilization feature. All rear controls can be adjusted from the tablet, and that includes automatic rear window curtains. We've never heard of this feature on any other vehicle, but there's an antibacterial Silver Zinc Zeolite material to diminish bacteria and microorganisms. 

g90 passenger
We'd always rather drive, but this arrangement looks pretty sweet. 

Other features include an air purifier, a fragrance emitter with three scents: The Driver's Awakening, The Great Outdoors, and My Favorite Place. No word on what they smell like, but we can at least guess that the second one is either woodsy or beach-like. There's also four-mode Mood Curator that adjusts the 23-speaker Bang & Olufsen sound system, interior mood lamps, seat massagers, fragrance, and the electric curtains. 

We can't wait to get some seat time (in front and back) of the 2023 Genesis G90. More to come in terms of details on the power, performance, safety features, and technology as they get disclosed by Genesis.