The regular Polestar is, well, not exactly regular. It's a stylish EV that delivers up to 270 miles of all-electric range, up to 408 horsepower via two motors, and a truly modern and beautiful interior. But Polestar wants to push the envelope of what the Polestar 2 can do. It created the Polestar 2 Arctic Circle that builds on the excellent 469-hp Polestar 2 Goodwood prototype. 

polestar 2 arctic rear 34

The Polestar 2 Arctic Circle replaces most of the Performance Package bits (except for the brakes) with three-way adjustable Ohlins shocks, special springs that are 30% softer than the stock Polestar 2's, and a 1.18-inch higher ride height for additional ground and tire clearance. The look of the Arctic Circle is, as a result, more elevated. There are wintry touches like a white number 2 placard on the front doors, shite trim pieces, and even white 19-inch OZ Racing wheels that look the part.

polestar 2 arctic shocks

The tires are different, too. Instead of just dedicated ice and snow tires, they're narrow studded race tires for massive grip and snow clearing width. Power is a robust 469 horsepower and 502 lb-ft of torque. It's the same power that will be unleashed via OTA to dual motor Polestar 2 owners soon. With this kind of power driving all four wheels and the high-traction tires, the Arctic Circle should scoot over slippery stuff pretty well. 

polestar 2 arctic lighting

Exterior upgrades include custom paint scheme and sponsor lettering, four big pods of Stedi LED off-road rally lights in the front faux grille and bumper, a light and tough carbon fiber front skid plate to protect the tender bits, and some sweet, high-contrast gold tow hooks in case things get really bad. 

polestar 2 arctic lights

Speaking of really bad, Polestar even went so far as to include a trunk-mounted carbon fiber snow shovel to dig your way out of trouble and a recovery strap for towing purposes. But you won't suffer inside with the front Recaro seats that will hold you in place when things go sideways.  

polestar 2 arctic shovel

Sadly, like most concepts, the Polestar 2 Arctic Circle probably won't get built for production, but it shows what the brand can do when they think outside the box. We love the fact that they took this route instead of making a blacked-out version for the sake of being cool. Instead, they built an EV that's ready for the real cold.