If you haven't heard the news, Mercedes-Benz is building an all-electric version of its beloved and long-living G-Wagen. It's called the EQG, and it's going to be seriously impressive. The brand's EV onslaught is in full swing, and the selection is impressive. There are the EQE and EQB SUVs, the luxurious EQS sedan, EQB, and the upcoming EQG that actually takes the classic boxy G-Wagen (Gelandewagen) and makes it part of the EQ line.

eqg road
Sleeker, more hi-tech, and more maneuverable than the venerable gas-powered G.

It even has a tank turn feature that allows it to turn in place a full 360 degrees (and then some). Just when you thought the G-Wagen was big, bulky, and hard to maneuver in tight spaces, it turns out Mercedes gave it a nifty feature that should help in tight spots. Check out the video below.

It seems Mercedes has actually beat Rivian to the tank turn punch since Rivian hasn't quite figured out how to make its much-touted feature workable on a production vehicle. The EQG will also get an.optional lithium-ion battery pack with silicon anode chemistry for greater range due to its higher-density cells. Merc is targeting a 20-40 percent increase in energy density that will allow the vehicle to improve range "by a significant amount." That technology won't come for another couple of years, at least.

eqg front

The Concept EQG might also get a shiftable two-speed gearbox featuring that has a crawler gear. Along with the tank turn, these features should provide the EQG will the kind of off-roading prowess the G-Wagen has been known for. Whether or not buyers will actually go off road is another question.