Chevy's not stopping with its EV onslaught, and its next beauty is the upcoming 2024 Blazer SS EV. You might think it looks totally different from the Trailblazer electric pickup truck, and that's not an accident. This EV is performance-oriented and promises to be a thrill to drive. The final production version won't drop until July 18th, but we're guessing it's going to be pretty close to what you see here.

blazer ss ev

The styling of the Blazer SS EV will be more stylized than the gas-powered crossover. There's are more creases and drives to the EV, including deeply scalloped front doors, and what looks like a functional grille on the front fascia. The two-tone appearance is bolstered by a darker roof and some seriously gorgeous red paint. This is obviously the SS version, which means it's the top trim, top performance version of the new Blazer EV.

There are a lot of aero effects in the front air dam and the side skirts, but wer'e not sure if they they aid the drag coefficient or not. It's kinda important for an EV to extract as much aero as possible to maximize efficiency. 

blazer ss ev
Initial renderings of the Blazer SS (left) and the Blazer (right) EVs make it seem tamer.

There's not a lot of detail on the vehicle, but we expect to see more in July. There are numerous options for the brand in terms of powertrains, battery configuration, etc., so it could be very exciting to see what Chevy has planned. This will add to the brand's EV stable that includes the Bolt, Bolt EUV, and the upcoming Trailblazer electric truck. Look for the Blazer EV to go on sale next spring as a 2024 model.