Ram is clearly ready for electrification, as exemplified by the full reveal of the production 2024 Ram 1500 REV. While it still bears some of the same cues as the Ram Revolution unveiled just a little while ago, the production version actually borrows quite a bit from the current gas-powered Ram 1500. It actually doesn't look all that much like the concept (bottom photo) in terms of the body, itself. 

ram rev

ram revolution concept

Whereas the Revolution Concept had radical lines and provided huge amounts of space that even suggested a potential third row, the production version is far more conventional. The headlights and grille-less front fascia largely carry over, and that's a good thing. Even the inverted L-shaped taillights make it to the 1500 REV. While none of this amounts to a bad thing, there are undoubtedly potential buyers who were hoping the REV would look more like the concept than an actual gas-powered Ram 1500. We still think it looks good. 

ram rev front

The Ram REV gets quad beam headlights at the outer edges, sandwiched between bracketed LED light bars, and there's a huge RAM logo front and center. The only thin resembling a grille is in the lower fascia. The bumper is large but multi-contoured so that it doesn't look like a huge slab beneath the flat grille-less surface above. The hood bulge isn't hiding an engine, of course, but there could very well be a large frunk with Ford F-150 Lightning-like storage. 

ram rev rear 58

The body of the REV is pretty much the same as the Ram 1500. It doesn't have the long cabin nor the low-roofline and the big long creases over the front and rear fenders of the concept. There are some minor changes to the back end (when comparing it to the gas-powered Ram 1500). The taillights, of course, are more dramatic and set in a bit deeper on the rear flanks. There's a big RAM logo on the back, underlined by a protruding crease. Otherwise, there's nothing really all that different. 

ram rev interior

This single interior shot shows a very different screen from the minimalist concept. It's more in line with what Ram offers now on its top trim 1500s, but it is a great system, so we're not complaining. We're guessing plenty of customers will get in line to buy it, and you can go to RamREV.com and pay your $100 refundable deposit. The truck will be built in 2024 and should be delivered near the end of the year 2024.