Just like almost every other automaker in the world, the transition to electrification will take some time, but it's in the works. Volvo is one of them, and they're hoping their new naming system will help customers figure out what is what. The new EX30 and EX90 electric SUVs are on the way, and other models are following in their footsteps. Volvo announced that they're getting rid of the "Recharge" name for its XC40 and C40 siblings and changing them to simply EX40 and EC40. Confused yet? Give it time. 

volvo ex40 ec40
The vehicles are pretty much the same, but the names are different. Start practicing.

The names are shorter without the "Recharge" moniker, and the "E" at the beginning of each name should reflect their electrified powertrain. Volvo will still use the T6 and T8 badges to indicate power output for their PHEVs (plug-in hybrid) models such as the XC60 and XC90, which are still available. The "XC" at the beginning of those models' names reflects that they are gas and electric hybrids. Eventually, those models will be phased out.

The EX40 is larger in the cargo area and looks different from its hatchback sibling.

Volvo has been having trouble with its new software, which has caused delivery delays for its new EX30 and EX90. Dealers have yet to receive them, as a result. That's not good news for a brand that's going hard and fast after electrification, and it has its dependability challenges. Volvo said, "Important progress has been made but the software version 1.2 does not yet meet all the requirements necessary to be released." Here's hoping they get resolved soon for EVs that have been much anticipated. 

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The EC40, formerly the C40, is the sportier-looking of the two models. 

The newly named EX40 and EC40 will also get a software update called Performance. This will be available in some markets that have the Twin Motor trim. Although pricing for this has not been announced yet, it effectively increases power output by 34 horsepower (for a total of 436 hp) when the Driver selects the Performance drive mode. Throttle response will also be improved through the software. Both the XC40 and C40 Recharge (2023 models) Twin Motor versions are already quick 4.5 seconds. The Performance software should put both in the low 4s. 

The minimalist but still very artful interiors stay the same on both models. 

For 2024, the EC40 will get a 248-hp single-motor rear-wheel drive version, in addition to the Twin Motor AWD version. The RWD version gets a 79.0-kWh battery pack and up to 293 miles of driving. Twin Motor versions are also more efficient and they jump from 223 to  254 miles per charge. For 2024, the EC40 also gains a new entry-level single motor (rear-wheel drive) with a 79.0-kWh battery pack good for 297 miles of driving range. The all-wheel drive Twin Motor version jumps from 226 to 257 miles of range.  

Volvo will also bring a Black Edition for the renamed models. They will get special Onyx Black paint, high-gloss black badging, high-gloss black 20-inch 5-spoke alloy wheels, and two different dark interior trim choices. 

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