There are some cars that mechanics hate. Vehicles that breakdown often become a shop joke, taking on the lemon label while earning no respect from even the most masterful technicians. Other cars are reoccurring nightmares, and frequently roll in with repairs that are complex and timely to fix. Still, the most seasoned techs love a pricey repair order--it means more money for them--and they may frown upon reliable cars. Web2Carz kicks it off with 10 cars that mechanics see too often, and adds a bit more info on types of cars that mechanics are most likely to frown upon!

10 Cars that Mechanics See Too Often*

Ford Explorer Reliability

Ford Explorer

2002-2009 model-year Explorer has many complaints regarding:
•Transmission problems, including slipping gears and hard shifting.
•Body and Paint problems, including cracking panels near rear windows.
• Cooling System problems, including leaking radiators.
• Engine System problems, including engine stalls while idling.

Chrysler Town& Country

Chrysler Town& Country

1997-2010 model-year Town& Country has many complaints regarding:
• Transmission problems, including transmission failure
• Steering System problems, Rack and Pinion and water pump failure.
• Cooling System problems, including leaking radiators.
• Electrical problems, electric door-locks stop working.

2008 Pontiac G6 Coupe

Pontiac G6 Coupe

2006-2008 model-year G6 Coupe has many complaints regarding:
• Steering System problems, including faulty power steering.
•Interior Quality problems, including a falling down headliner.


Chevrolet Impala

Chevrolet Impala

2002-2003 model-year Impala has many complaints regarding:
• Electrical System problems, including Passlock Problems, and intermittent no-starts.
• Coolant System problems, including leaking coolant from faulty intake manifold gasket.
• Interior Accessory problems, including a faulty speedometer.
• Electric System problems, including no-starts due to security system malfunction, and faulty electronic gauge clusters.

Dodge Ram

Dodge Ram

2001-2003 model-year Ram has many complaints regarding:
• Interior Quality problems, including a cracking dashboard.
• Engine system problems, including seizure due to oil sludge.
• Cooling System problems, including leaking radiators, and leaking and faulty head gaskets.

Audi A6

Audi A6

2000-2006 model-year A6 has many complaints regarding:
• Transmission Problems, including Tiptronic transmission failure.
• Engine System problems, including blown turbos, and oil leaks.

Chevrolet S10 Pickup

Chevrolet S-10 Pickup (4WD)

1998-2003 model-year S-10 Pickup has many complaints regarding:
• Transmission problems, including complete transmission failure.
• Drivetrain problems, including Differential failure.
• Suspension System problems, including Lower Ball Joint failure.

Volkswagen New Beetle

Volkswagen New Beetle Convertible

2000-2007 model-year Beetle has many complaints regarding:
• Transmission problems, including slipping gears.
• Interior Accessory problems, including false check engine light.
• A/C System problems, including complete system failure.
• Fuel System problems, including Fuel Pump and Fuel Pump relay failure.

Chrysler PT Cruiser

Chrysler PT Cruiser (Turbo)

2001-2007 model-year PT Cruiser (Turbo) has many complaints regarding:
• Interior Accessory problems, including false check engine light.
• Wheel problems, including wheel/rim peel that causes air leakage.
• Electrical Problems, including always-on brake lights, and failure to start at ignition.
• Engine Problems, including rough idle when A/C is engaged.


Dodge Intrepid

Dodge Intrepid

2000-2009 model-year Intrepid has many complaints regarding:
• Engine System problems, including oil sludge and engine seizure, knocking and failure.
• Electrical System problems, including automatic door locks not working.
• Transmission System problems, including transmission gear change failure.

*10 Cars that Mechanics See Too Often was sourced utilizing a variety of sources, including Consumer Reports, CarComplaints, and various online technician forums and blogs.

Types of Cars that Make Technicians Frown

Imports and Europeans
Dealership service centers aside, many smaller repair and service centers have difficulty with import models--specifically European makes like Audi and Volkswagen. These vehicles often require more time to service, and major problems mean more complexity. Parts are also harder to find for these makes. Also, many of these cars may require model-specific tools to perform even the most regular and routine maintenance and repairs.

For U.S. consumers who own foreign made vehicles that may fall into this category, it is best to have your vehicle serviced and repaired at a reputable dealership service center. Only there will you have access to the technicians who are specifically trained to work on your vehicle brand--along with all the resources for the job at their disposal.

Older Vehicles
Older vehicles break down more often, and may upset technicians who would rather work on a newer model. Many high-mileage and older vehicles may have parts that are difficult to find. Also, older vehicles are more likely to have rusted fasteners, bolts and screws--and thus are more prone to struggle, stripping and breaking.

For example, a technician may spend an hour struggling to remove wheel lugs on an older car in order to prevent stripping, while on a new vehicle this procedure may take less than a minute. Overall, most of today's skilled and experienced technicians are not ecstatic to work on older vehicles--even if the actual service being performed is a high paying job.

Luxury and Sports Cars, and Expensive Rims
When the pricey ride rolls into the shop, you better be sure that extra attention is given! Many smaller service centers may not even work on some high end sport or luxury vehicles, and many that do have difficulty finding specialty parts--especially for foreign rides.

Vehicles with specialty rims also scare many technicians--especially if the service and repairs involve taking off the wheel. Many service centers actually take pictures of the pricey rims before service begins while the customer is watching to ensure that there are no misunderstandings at the end of service. One scratch could be a whole new rim—and thousands of dollars for the shop.

The Lemons that Always Come Back
Paychecks aside, mechanics share a loathe for particular vehicle makes and models that are just a pain to service, and are too often in the shop. Vehicles that are prone to breaking down, or those that have a reoccurring problem are often the ones to make mechanics cringe.

Reliable Vehicles
Last but not least! Most technicians love a challenge, and the seasoned are paid justly for their experience and aptitude. Therefore, reliable vehicles that do not have costly but executable repairs are the vehicles that many technicians frown upon. The more complex a job is will determine how much it pays, as well as how large the smile on the face of a skilled technician who can knock it out in half the time. For many of today's techs, it is all about this relationship between how much a job pays, and how long it takes them to complete it--and the reliable vehicles do not make the paycheck.