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Web2Carz built a special national network of Lenders and Dealerships. Our network is able to provide you with auto financing even with a history of bad credit or bankruptcy.

While there are other sites that offer similar services, we try to set ourselves apart by providing comprehensive honest information that will allow you to make the best decision.

Bad credit car loans are quite common as nearly 75 million Americans have credit issues. If you have imperfect credit, you should NOT have a problem getting a car loan for the car you're interested in, as thousands of bad credit car loans are issued every day in the U.S.

Before you rush out and apply for a car loan at every bank in your neighborhood, you should know that this is probably not the best option for you. Most banks do not directly provide High Risk Auto Financing (Bad Credit Car Loan). They work with dealerships in the community and other lending organizations to facilitate the transaction, but they will not lend the money directly to you. If your credit is already bad, applying at banks will only lower your credit score because each time you apply for a car loan, a credit report is generated.

Your best option is to actually work directly with a car dealership. The Finance Manager at a car dealership has already created the necessary relationships with financial organizations to be able to provide financing to all of the dealership's customers. Considering that bad credit is a very common situation, the ability to provide bad credit car loans becomes very important to a dealership.

Web2Carz.com looked at the situation and decided that we can make this an even easier process. Using our experience we were able to put together a national network of car dealerships that have a Special Financing Department (Bad Credit Car Loan Department). We worked with our network to identify the minimum income and other requirements that our site visitors need to have to obtain the car loan.

With this national network we are able to offer a one-stop service to our visitors. Our site users can submit one application and we will find a dealership near them that can offer a car loan. If an applicant's weekly income is at least $375 and they have been with their current employer and at their current residence for at least one year, chances are very high that we can find a dealership that will be able to provide car loan services and reasonable rates.

Further information is available on our FAQ as well.

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