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The 3 Best Used Minivans For Less Than $20,000

These family haulers have the goods to get the job done

Wade Thiel, Senior Staff Writer

Minivans are the least sexy of all vehicle choices out there, but if you've got a large family and aren't too focused on appearances, then you'll never find a vehicle more practical for toting people and gear. They're not thrilling, but what they are is spacious, handy and darn comfortable. Plus, they're typically on the more affordable side because of their mildly undesirable image. That being said, there are a few minivans out there that you can be proud to own, and you can do it for under $20,000, a price that will get that luxury car-owning neighbor of yours keep his remarks to himself.

2016 Kia Sedona LX

  • PROS: Easily the best looking minivan out there, quiet cabin, good ride quality, easy to use infotainment and controls.
  • CONS: Fuel economy isn’t too impressive, not quite as much cargo room as other minivans.

Although 2016 doesn’t seem that far away, you might be surprised just how many used 2016 Kia Sedonas are out there for less than $20,000. This minivan can be had for a steal. While it may not have the largest cargo area, it does have a great ride quality and a quiet interior paired with easy to access seating. That in accordance with the easy to use infotainment system make this ride a joy to own. Standard equipment includes cruise control, a backup camera, front and rear air conditioning, one-touch power windows and power doors, heated mirrors, satellite radio, USB and auxiliary inputs and a 4-speaker audio system.

2014 Honda Odyssey

  • PROS: Good handling, fuel efficient, easy-folding third row, easy to access all seats.
  • CONS: Feels large, tends to be more expensive than competition.

The best thing about the Honda Odyssey is that it drives really well for such a large vehicle. However, that doesn’t mean it feels small. It’s big, and that has its upsides in terms of interior room and ease of access. The Odyssey packs a lot into its package all while keeping fuel costs down. Base model Odysseys come with plenty of features, including cruise control, a backup camera, front and rear air conditioning, rear ventilation ducts with fan controls, one-touch power windows and power doors, heated mirrors, USB and auxiliary inputs and a 7-speaker audio system.

2014 Toyota Sienna

  • PROS: Available AWD, powerful engine, comfortable seating in all three rows.
  • CONS: Cheaper looking interior materials, price can skyrocket depending on trim, infotainment system not the best out there.

If you live in an area of the country where the weather turns sour, you probably want all-wheel drive. Well, if you need a minivan and AWD, you really only have one option, the Sienna. With available AWD, the Sienna can do things other minivans simply can’t like navigate a nasty snowstorm. Mix that with a spacious and inviting interior and you have a real winner. Standard equipment for the Sienna includes cruise control, rearview mirror camera system, dual-zone air conditioning, one-touch power windows and power doors, heated power mirrors, satellite radio, speed sensitive volume control, 4-speaker audio system.

What makes a good used minivan?

  • A roomy interior and cavernous cargo space.
  • Comfortable seating for 7-8 people that's easy to access.
  • USB ports, plenty of cupholders and optional rear entertainment.
  • A model from a brand with a reputation for good reliability.

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