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3 Very Different, Very Impressive Electric Vehicles

Each one presents efficiency in different forms

Amos Kwon, Editor-In-Chief

You no longer have to be Ed Begley, Jr. or the neighborhood hippie in order to drive an electric car. In fact, before autonomous cars hit, EVs will be the future of the automotive industry. Just about every brand is working on one if they don't already have one. You get power, efficiency, and range wrapped in a real automotive option, and they're here to stay. Here are three very different options that present excellent EV choices.

2018 Tesla Model 3


for tech nuts

  • PROS: Looks unique, minimalist interior is clean, huge amounts of storage space, great steering and ride quality.
  • CONS: Minimalist interior is almost too Spartan, everything controlled through touchscreen, uncomfortable rear seats, expensive

Though there have been production hiccups, long waits, questionable build quality, and higher-than-expected prices, the Model 3 is remarkable for what it achieves. It's a mass-market electric sports sedan than can go 310 miles on a full charge, hit 60 mph in a little over five seconds, and reach a 141 mph top speed. This thing is selling like hotcakes, too, since so many people have been waiting for it. It's sure to be an attention getter, but be prepared to pay $50K+ for it, not the $36K base price that was promised.

2019 Hyundai Kona Electric


for young families

  • PROS: Fun to drive, better looking than the regular Kona, airy and attractive cabin, potent engine provides 201 horses of on-demand power, solid cargo space, fast-charging comes standard, great efficiency for a great price.
  • CONS: Loss of space inside compared to the gas Kona, some materials quality issues.

The Kona Electric makes a very good compact crossover that much better thanks to serious punch from the electric motor, and a 258-mile range. The Kona Electric's 64 kWh battery can be juiced-up via DC quick charge in about 54 minutes on a 100kW Level III system, or 75 minutes on a 50kW trickle. The touchscreen and controls look futuristic, and there's adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring and forward collision, lane keeping, and rear cross-traffic assist, all standard equipment. It's a great crossover that's geared toward efficiency and fun without pretense.

2019 Chevy Bolt


for urban dwellers

  • PROS: Quick and nimble, practical interior, great 10.2" touchscreen, impressive 238-mile range, more affordable than the Tesla Model 3.
  • CONS: Expensive for a hatchback, some interior quality shortcuts, handsome without looking particularly special.

The Bolt EV is the smart man's electric car. Sure, it can be categorized as cute, but the tidy exterior is attractive, though not headturning. But that's okay, because what you get for a little over $36K is excellent driving manners, impressive range, and true interior practicality. Not only is it entertaining to drive, its size makes it very manageable in tight spaces, and it can dart in and out of traffic like a champ. 238 miles on a single charge means you may not have to charge it all week if your commute is less around 30 miles a day. That's just about the best news of all.

Why go electric?

  • You'll never visit a gas station, except to get snacks.
  • Range anxiety is now a thing of the past.
  • Get instant power all the time.
  • EVs now charge faster than ever.

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