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4 Best 2019 Cars to Buy Before They're Gone Forever

Get a sweet deal on these canceled cars

Amos Kwon, Editor-In-Chief

For the carbuyer, a canceled car model can be both good and bad news. Bad news because it means they'll have to buy one before it goes away and good news because prices are usually negotiable. This year, there are a handful of models that have been slated for cancellation, but that doesn't mean they aren't good cars that deserve consideration. These four top our list and would make for a solid ownership experience, as well as a good opportunity to haggle for lower prices.

Chevrolet Cruze


for the commuter

  • PROS: Handsome exterior design, easy to use interior, good handling and steering for an affordable car, built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi is super-convenient, manual transmission is available, great infotainment system, good fuel economy numbers.
  • CONS: Base engine is a little rough, diesel isn't very torquey, cruise control is optional, manual tranny isn't as good as the automatic.

It's too bad the Cruze is going away because it's a very good small sedan that feels bigger than it actually is. On the road, it can handle some sporty inputs that others can't seem to manage, and there's room for four adults with no problem. The infotainment system is excellent and very intuitive, and you can opt for a driver confidence package that has a solid set of automated safety features such as automated emergency braking, lane-keeping assist, and forward-collision warning.

Ford Taurus


for the golf nut

  • PROS: Spacious throughout for passengers and gear, all-wheel drive is available for four-season traction, SHO performance model is quick, quiet ride provides highway peace.
  • CONS: Interior is dated an a bit awkward to use, visibility could be better, power-adjustable steering column is gone for 2019.

Admittedly, the Ford Taurus is a bit long in the tooth, having been introduced in its current form almost a decade ago. But big sedans are on the wane, and that's why the Taurus presents a solid option with its roomy interior and capacious trunk at 20.1 cubic feet of luggage swallowing space, enough for four full-size golf bags. Get the Super High Output with its 365 horsepower 3.5-liter V6, and there's ample power to move the Taurus with authority. The Taurus might be a bit of a dinosaur, but it's one of the few big and well-priced sedans still for sale in this day and age.

Volkswagen Beetle


for modern hippies

  • PROS: Fun to drive, nostalgic styling is still adorable, playful interior is no longer weird, great cargo room in the coupe, good gas mileage.
  • CONS: Interior storage cubbies are small, back seat is almost non-existent in terms of legroom and headroom, touchscreen is on the small side, Convertible model has almost no trunk space.

The Beetle is a niche car for sure, and VW couldn't sell enough to justify continuing it past 2019. The Final Edition is this generation's swan song. If you don't want a car that's primarily practical, but you desire something fun-spirited, this is your car. It tracks well, turns well, and has a truly unique interior. All the controls are easy to use, the diamond quilted seats in the SEL trim are quite fancy, and the car usually makes everyone smile. Get the convertible, and your summers will be set.

Buick LaCrosse


for near-retirees

  • PROS: Sophisticated exterior design, Avenir trim makes it special, interior is luxurious and well appointed, Dynamic Drive package gives it solid handling chops, incredibly quiet at any speed.
  • CONS: Low seating positions are a bit strange, wide center console tunnel is unnecessary, controls' fonts are on the small side, trunk is on the small side.

The LaCrosse is another big sedan that's going the way of the dodo because buyers want crossovers, but the LaCrosse is a very good car that shouldn't be overlooked thanks to its refined styling and quiet interior. This year, there's a Sport Touring V6 model, too, which should add some driving thrills to the mix. Though this is its last year, the LaCrosse presents a great option for those who want luxury and style without paying German prices. Too bad things didn't work out because the next one would've been even better.

Why Do Carmakers Cancel Models?

  • Sales volumes go into a steady decline for a while.
  • Automakers want to invest money in more profitable models.
  • The model is getting replaced by a different one.

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