pollos Replicate Los Pollos Hermanos' fried chicken this Sunday.


raise all that is good, Breaking Bad is back on. Finally! And now that we've been reunited with the ol' wrecking crew and managed not to have a heart attack during the first episode of the fifth season, it's time to get back to normal and have our regular viewing parties. If you and yours are anything like us and ours, you like to serve themed foods on TV night, and what better show to pull ideas from than this one.

Now, it may seem a little obvious to serve fried chicken a la Los Pollos Hermanos, but you'd be silly not to. Firstly because fried chicken is delicious, but secondly, the Chicken Brothers restaurant is a pivotal setting point throughout the show. Whenever Gus Fring, the owner and co-founder of LPH and ringleader of a crystal-meth trafficking business, wants to do business with Walt, Jesse, Mike, or the others, he texts them, "Pollos"—they pretty much always meet at the chicken joint. That said, make some fried chicken for your guests. One of the easiest recipes we know calls for just oil, flour, salt and pepper to taste, and of course, chicken.  If you want slightly lighter fare or don't want the hassle of cutting up a whole chicken, make baked breaded chicken breasts or chicken wings.

Serve crushed hard candy in tiny zip-lock bags like how the dealers sell it on the show, or order some pizzas -- just don't throw the pizzas on the roof.

But aside from fried chicken, what are other things you can serve to your party? Well, there's always pizza, both from when Jesse is spiraling into junkie territory in his crack house and there's always pizza around, and from when Walt is trying to get back in good with his family and brings a pizza to Skylar's home. Unfortunately, his peace offering isn't accepted , and in a fit of rage and frustration, Walt launches a perfectly good pizza onto the roof of the house. Don't be like Walt. Order some pizzas or make your own (we hear grilled pizza  is lovely this time of year, so if you have a grill, consider it), and put whatever you want on the top of them, but for the love of all things cheesy, don't throw it onto the roof.

blue meth Make some blue "meth" for your friends. Photo from SugarHero.com.

But what about drinks and dessert?

Well. We've got you covered. Walt loves his tequila, and Jesse likes to relax with beer (especially when there are cameras on him at the lab), so you can either serve beer or tequila shooters (although, since this show is on a Sunday night, and most of us have to work in the morning, some of your guests might not like the idea). If your guests are ready for a party, take a shot after every time Jesse says, "Bitch!"

As for dessert, this is almost a no-brainer. The meth Walt and Jesse cook is blue, and looks exactly like rock candy. For dessert, you can either make rock candy the traditional way, which takes a lonnng time (about a week) since you have to wait for sugar crystals to grow, or you can make a pan of hard candy tinted blue and shatter it the same way the boys do. Serve it in tiny plastic bags, just like how the guys sell their "candy."