culls information from various websites to tell you what the best dish on the menu is.


e've all had that moment of indecision when we're at a new restaurant. A couple of things on the menu look good, but we can't pick which one we want. Enter, an iPhone app that says it will help you choose the "better" dish.

When we downloaded the app, we had relatively high hopes. Who doesn't want to know what's good on the menu before stepping into a new spot? Okay, maybe some people, but when we're unfamiliar with the part of town we're in, this app would have been helpful to find a good place.


Unfortunately, there are some bugs that need working out. First, when we told the app to use our current location, it placed us in Flushing, New York—which would be fine, except, you know, we're nowhere near there. Had the app said Chicago, it would still be wrong but at least it would be in the same general area.

Another bug we found was that when we typed "Chicago" in the search bar, the app said there was no data for the area. Since the app works by culling Yelp, Foursquare, and other sites' data and presenting it in an organized way, it's a little bizarre that for the entire metropolitan area of Chicago, no data was available.

While the app has potential to be pretty cool, it needs some work. Til then, we'll keep relying on Yelp reviews.