ne would think that, in a drink made with strawberries, the pink color was derived from the fruit itself, but Starbucks is coming under fire this week after allegations that the mix the chain uses for "Soy Strawberry Frappuccinos" contains cochineal extract, a dye made from South American beetles.

Now, okay, we understand that the idea of drinking bug juice is kind of gross, but one has to expect that processed crap is actually made from processed crap. A drink named "Soy Strawberry Frappuccino" doesn't sound like real food to us, and if anything, the beetle concentrate is probably the most natural thing in the drink.

It seems every few months, a new "scandal" hits the airwaves about fast food not actually being the healthiest option we have when choosing what to eat.

Still, vegans are upset about the news, as cochineal extract is not vegan. One blog, called This Dish Is Veg, wrote, "What a shame," and a petition on the internet for Starbucks to change back to using its artificial color in the drink (rather than the more-natural-than-chemicals bug extract) has over 2,100 signatures.

We're getting a little tired of the uproar over fast food chains serving food that is "deceitful."  Aziz Ansari (or Tom Haverford, if you're being specific) once said, "Treat yo self," and while we understand that some vegans might want their treat in the form of a chemical-laden caloriefest from Starbucks, the surprise over ingredients is getting a little silly. Remember when Taco Bell had to explain that yes, the meat in their 70-cent tacos was actually beef? The idea that people are utterly shocked to find that budget-friendly, mass-produced snacks are not made of the highest quality, organic, free-range, non-GMO ingredients baffles us.

[Source: Eater.com]