8 Windos 8 lends itseld especially well to these laptop-tablet hybrids.


ight now, when you need to do work or want to access the internet, you might be forced to choose between your laptop and your tablet, since tablets lack the processing power that laptops have. But thanks to creative geniuses and tech wizards, the time has come that you no longer have to choose—companies like HP are now selling laptop-tablet hybrids, and they're poised to potentially phase out the need for, well, both other standalone products. How?

The problem a lot of people have with tablets is their lack of functionality. Sure, you can check email and correspond with people you need to catch up with, but you can't use applications like Microsoft Word and typing can become arduous after about three words on a touch screen.  

These convertible machines are ideal for the new Windows 8 OS, as it interates touch-technology.

Conversely, some people might find laptops to be a bit cumbersome when they don't need full capabilities—like when reading an e-book.

With the release of Windows 8 and its touchscreen interactivity function, these hybrid machines are poised to take over the single-use computer or tablet.

HP's Envy x2 is an 11.6-inch laptop that transforms into a tablet with a flip of a switch. Click the tabs on the top of the keyboard, and the keyboard detaches, leaving you with a touchscreen tablet with all the same functionality.

Other companies are getting into the game, too—Microsoft has its Surface device, Samsung has its Series 5 and Series 7 Slates, Dell is selling an XPS Duo 12, Toshiba's got a Satellite, Acer has an Iconia, and ASUS has several models. The only one missing from big-name makers right now is Apple—but we can't imagine they're too far behind.

What do you think about these hybrids?